Borel: There is a possibility of reaching a nuclear deal

Blinken renews the Iranian threat, including “other options” if the talks fail

Berlin: Raghida Behnam – Vienna – London: “Middle East”

EU Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said on Friday that the atmosphere for talks to revive the international nuclear deal with Iran was “better” than it was before the end of the year. Agreement in Vienna in the coming weeks.

“The atmosphere is good after Christmas,” Borrell said after a meeting of foreign ministers from the 27-nation European Union. Before that I was very pessimistic but today I think there is a possibility of reaching a consensus. He pointed to the possibility of reaching a “final outcome” in the coming weeks, saying “I still hope it will be possible to modify this agreement and make it work.”

But French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian reiterated that the talks were moving “at a very slow pace”. He stressed at a press conference yesterday that “it is important that we be able to move forward as these talks are taking place in a critical and urgent manner.” The French minister added: “Either the Iranians want to conclude this and we think the flexibility of the US position is in order, or they do not want to conclude it, and at that moment we will face a major nuclear proliferation crisis.”

For his part, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken warned on Thursday evening that there were only “a few weeks, not months” left to save Iran’s nuclear deal, and stressed that his country was “ready to use other options” in the ongoing talks. In Vienna, the agreement failed to resurrect.
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Borel: There is a possibility of reaching a nuclear deal 2

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