Bittersweet goodbye as the first house of a growing family comes on the market

Rebecca and Brad Mulcahy auctioned off their three-bedroom, two-bathroom home at 18 Hemsworth Street, Acacia Ridge, on Jan. 22.

It’s going to be a somewhat bittersweet goodbye for Brisbane couple Rebecca and Brad Mulcahy as the three-bedroom house where they went from courtship to parenthood comes on the market.

After living in the house for just over six years, here the couple shared some important life milestones together. “It’s our first house together,” Mrs. Mulcahy said.

“We were just boyfriend and girlfriend when we bought it. We have since been married and had our first child while living here.”

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18 Hemsworth Street, Acacia Ridge, will be auctioned on January 22.

The couple made upgrades throughout the property.

As the auction date approached, Rebecca took time to reflect on the memories of the house and the emotions of the sale.

“Your first home will always be sentimental,” she said.

“I’m a little nervous, I’ve never been to an auction before, so this is the first time. I’m sad too, this is our first home and we had our first child here, but sometimes you just have to grow up, don’t you?”

They are looking for something different to house their growing family.

“We have a toddler and we’re just trying to find something and increase it.”

The auction for the house at 18 Hemsworth Street, Acacia Ridge is set for January 22. In preparation, the couple renovated the entire house to modernize it and add an extra touch of that homey feeling.

The couple has built a new barn with a barbecue area, new office and workspace.

Inside the workshop space in the shed.

“We’ve done a few renovations and made it a home. So we redone the kitchen and bathroom, painted the walls, added air conditioning, and put in new carpet,’ said Mrs. Mulcahy.

Not only did they redecorate the inside of the house, they also added a new shed to the spacious backyard, which has been turned into a perfect home work space with a self-contained office and bathroom.

“My husband added the brand new Titan double bay shed in the backyard.”

Ray White agent Bevin Powell said the shed along with the privacy of the home were the main features that made it attractive to buyers.

“It’s very well maintained, it has a neat kitchen and bathroom, and it’s lovely to be on the back deck that overlooks a private backyard,” said Mr. powell.

Ms. Mulcahy’s favorite spot is the aft deck.

“The garden itself is beautifully grassed and the house is great for entertaining, and traditional people love it because of the side access to the house and barn at the back.”

The backyard of the house, with a paved outdoor area underneath, is something Rebecca looks forward to most at the end of her days.

“I probably enjoy meals on the back deck the most.” said Mrs. Mulcahy.

Both Rebecca and Brad work just around the corner, which has made it easy for them for the past six years they’ve lived there.

Ms Mulcahy loved every aspect of the neighborhood and said the neighbors were a standout.

The kitchen has been renovated.

“Since we’ve been here, we’ve made friends with everyone on the street, and every year we have a Christmas party on the street,” said Ms. Mulcahy.

“The neighborhood is great, everyone knows each other and if you need to borrow something, you can always go to your neighbor.

“Everyone looks after each other and also their homes, there is no crime.”

Only 15km from the CBD and close to food and restaurants, schools and childcare,

Rebecca said the house is ideal for a range of buyers.

“I think it would be perfect for young couples, maybe with one child, first-time homebuyers, or even good for investors,” said Ms. Mulcahy.


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