‘It’s a circus’: Guardian Australia readers try to get covid vaccines for their children. Vaccination and vaccination

As the number of daily Omicron cases increases, and parents expect their children to return to school, the federal government has promised to supply all children with enough vaccine to access the first dose in early February.

There are now children between the ages of five and 11 Worthy For the new Pfizer pediatric formula. However, both clinic and job-seeking families have reported widespread obstruction.

With booking system Glitching NSW throughout, and some clinics Still waiting for the dose to be delivered, Families have reported frantic searches for vaccine appointments at state government clinics or general practitioners.

Guardian Australia asked readers Share your experience When trying to vaccinate children. About 150 reader responses show that, in the states, complications prevail in the rollout of the first dose of vaccine for children. And families who are able to access the job seem to be aware they are “lucky.”

Heidi, Victoria

“Both appointments have been canceled. The doctor personally called me to cancel and was disappointed and he was on the phone at the government department “all day”. The pharmacy representatives I spoke to confirm the cancellation were also disappointed and said the lack of stock was an “insult”.

“Even though my son is not in the approved medical condition, he already has a serious flu-related illness and I have kept him at home on the advice of doctors, so it is imperative that he be vaccinated as soon as possible. The meeting I finally canceled was a 45 minute drive from my house. The government should be ashamed. ”

Anonymous, Victoria

“I had booked at the state vaccination center on the 11th. A message came a few days ago that it had been canceled, and someone from the health department would contact me to re-book within three days. They called, saying there was a problem creating existing bookings in the online booking system. They told me they could meet again in a week – in Melton (1 hour 20 miles away), or in Wodonga (about four hours away). I said no thanks.

“Next I booked through a GP (an hour away from me – the only place I could find where the booking had been for less than two weeks). They canceled two days later due to inability to confirm the supply. I called the local pharmacy (due to supply problems they don’t book first), got the booking on the 11th, now my son has been vaccinated for the first time. “

Vanessa, NSW

“Our boys are autistic so initially we wanted to book them in a low sensory clinic, but the only accessible one was booked until April. The next best option was our GP, but they booked until March. We were worried about how they would cope We were able to easily book appointments for them at the clinic so we went for it.

“If the jabs had been done today, the boys would have been pushed to the limit of their senses but they overcame it. I know they would be anxious next time, though. Super proud to have their pockets.

Sam, Victoria

“Before Christmas, the day the baby rollout was announced to start on January 4, we called our local pharmacy and booked the 10th day for our two children, ages seven and nine.

“On Monday, the pharmacy advised us to cancel because they had not received any vaccinations and the first available appointment was no longer until February 28.

“My wife went to four different pharmacies that day. Same story, no supply, no booking available until early February.

“I can’t tell you how angry it is. We did the right thing, booked a week in advance and if we had met, both kids would have been completely waxed within two weeks of starting school. We’re looking forward to early March or April now.”

“Like everything else the Morrison government involved in the vaccine rollout, it has been a complete defeat.”

Anonymous, NSW

“About a dozen doctors had to be called. Most do not answer because they are too busy, go straight to the answer-phone. Eventually the chemist was found somewhere two hours south. Then a friend put me near the GP on the 29th. By voice, Cofus Harbor, or RAT tests have no vaccines yet. It’s a circus. “

Erin, Queensland

“I have tried my best to book. Despite the vaccine finder appearing on the website, none of my local GPs or pharmacists are treating children under the age of 12. Two central Brisbane Queensland. Health Clinics for that age group need to make appointments, but no appointments are available within the next month.

“There may be enough stocks of vaccines but there is a clear lack of staff trained to vaccinate young children. There seems to be no way to get even the first dose before returning to school, unless they radically change things.

Lewis, NSW

“I received a call from the surgeon on Friday saying they were expecting a delivery that day and it had not arrived. They said they would work overtime to fit the babies after receiving the vaccine and would call for a re-booking as soon as it arrived – they were hopeful earlier this week. Will be (not yet heard from them).

“My daughter is only 11 but starts high school in the city this year with a long public transport trip, so I wanted to make sure she was given a chance to build some safety before the school term started (so I booked as soon as possible.) So I called several local (ish) GPs and pharmacies on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings and they all said they had not been vaccinated.

“I went back to the NSW Vaccine Booking website and tried to find a place at any of the vaccination centers. I clicked on the available location for this Thursday and it was over until I filled out the online form.

“I managed to secure a booking today (Tuesday) at the new Vaccine Hub, an hour and a half away from where I was staying. Husband’s car broke down on the way to take his daughter for an appointment !!! And I hurried out and collected him and arrived at the clinic shortly after our allotted time. We weren’t missing out on anything!

“The vaccination center was very quiet. It was accepting walk-in adults and there was a slow but steady stream without waiting time. Within half an hour of our arrival, we saw at most 10 children. Either they decided to make the process as easy as possible for the little ones (which it really was – it was so easy and the staff was amazing) or they didn’t have the extra materials.

“I remind myself that we are lucky. There are many families who have not had the luxury of going to great lengths to vaccinate their children. I hope we will see some evidence of good planning and decision making from our elected officials.”

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'It's a circus': Guardian Australia readers try to get covid vaccines for their children. Vaccination and vaccination 2

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