At home, Djokovic’s fans were outraged – but Serbian politicians downplayed the rhetoric Novak Djokovic

Proponents of Novak Djokovic in Serbia have reacted angrily to Australia’s decision to revoke the World Tennis No. 1 visa for the second time, but the government has not officially responded and previously speaking politicians have remained silent.

Tennis star vaccinated on Friday The court asked Ahead of the Australian Open, Australia’s immigration minister has called for a deportation after his visa was revoked, citing strict COVID-19 entry rules and saying it was in the public interest.

The player, who is bidding for a record 21st Grand Slam trophy, and his team are seeking reversal of the decision in court, but Australian public legal experts say that unless there are procedural errors, any appeal is likely to fail.

The Belgrade-born player is a national hero with a prestigious position close to home, and his arrest this week drew equally strong reactions from the media and politicians.

Of Serbia The president, Aleksandar Vučić, denounced social media Targeting “harassment” and “political witch-hunt”, “the best tennis player in the world” The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stated He was “tempted in Australia to be humiliated”.

Novak Djokovic’s visa revoked: how the controversy happened – video

However, there are indications that the government – in a diplomatically fragile situation and unwilling to see vaccination as one of Europe’s least-favored countries – promotes vaccination hesitation – is distancing itself from the players.

Some Belgrade residents suggested Friday that Djokovic was to blame. “Their country, their rules,” said Jovo Tadic, a resident. “If Australia tells you to get vaccinated, do it, or face problems.”

Another resident, Marco Stanik, said: “I think he will have problems in other competitions, because it seems that vaccination is mandatory for everyone. If he wants to stay on top he has to do it.

Others, however, remained enthusiastic behind their national statue. “I rebelled. I was angry because I did not expect them to treat the world’s best tennis players like this,” said Mila Alexic. He represents our country.

Some have suggested that Djokovic could become a political figure in Australia’s May elections. “Australians are dragging him down like an old rock. They are ready to burn the world’s No. 1 because of politics,” said Alexander Petrovic.

Anna Branabic
Serbian Prime Minister Anna Branabic said Djokovic appeared to have “clearly violated the rules”. Photo: Jorana Zebtik / Reuters

Djokovic’s former coach, Nikki Pilik, called the situation “shameful” and said the star had been treated like a criminal. He said, “People do not understand what it means to be a world champion, what kind of strength, willpower and morale is needed.

Former politician Nebojsa Kovic, who owns the Red Star Belgrade Basketball Club, said the controversy had made Djokovic a “symbol of a free world” and a “moral winner of the tournament.” The player was “a global star, the light of independent men,” he said. “Basic human rights are being violated.”

Senior government figures Serbia, Which has vaccinated less than 47% of its population, much lower than the European average, appears to be very cautious after questions emerged in the player’s conduct after a positive test for Covid.

Prime Minister Anna Branabich, Said this week Djokovic appeared to be in “clear violation of the rules” after the player admitted in an interview and photoshoot on December 18, 2021, that he had “made an error of judgment” after realizing he was a coward.

He also made at least two public appearances in Belgrade the day before, including a child, who was “tested and diagnosed” with the virus on December 16, despite court documents. Djokovic then said he did not know the outcome until the next day.

Although it was not immediately clear when the player received his test results, Branabech added: “If you know you are positive, you should be different.” She said she strongly denied his position on the vaccine.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

However, pro-government Serbian media continued to strongly support Tara. Tabloid Informer Australian authorities have criticized the behavior as “reprehensible, shameful and degrading”, calling for the “deportation of a healthy Novak to save his life”.

The Daily Blic said There was no end to the “Calvary endured by Novak Djokovic in Melbourne”, while TV Pink said Australia’s decision was “merely to appease the Australian people, as Djokovic has been labeled an anti-Vauxhall”.

Milivoze Pantovic is the maker of the N1 television in Belgrade

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At home, Djokovic's fans were outraged - but Serbian politicians downplayed the rhetoric Novak Djokovic 3

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