Who will captain Carlton in 2022?

Jose Jenkins believes the person filling Carlton’s co-captain vacancy could be Jacob Watering.

Sam Docherty and Patrick Cripps led the Blues through a troubled season that led to the dismissal of David Tig last year, but Docherty resigned from the role on Wednesday after a recurrence of testicular cancer.

While Carlton may prefer to keep Cripps alone, the 26-year-old has struggled for the firm over the past 12 months and holding the team captaincy on his shoulders could prevent all Australians from returning to their best.

Cripps, Waitering and Sam Walsh are presented as possible options for who can support them.

Vettering, 24, is one of the best and brightest winners at the club and has developed his game over the last two years to become Carlton’s leading defender.

Discussing Carlton’s “condition”, Jenkins believes the waitress has all the assets to make a good co-captain.

“That puts them in an interesting predicament, doesn’t it? Cripps is coming to the subcontinent year for him, now he seems to be carrying the burden on his shoulders until (like player) Jacob Waitering can step in,” he said. Sen. Breakfast.

“He is very impressive when he speaks in public. We know his game is on. He is an elite defender.

“I think they probably want to share that role with Cripps and someone else.

“A little down season is coming for Cripps, I think they want to share that, and I think the waiters will be the ones.

“He’s going to carry a big load without Liam Jones himself, but listening to him and some of his teammates talking about him, he seems a clear choice.”

However, the former Crowe ruled out the possibility of Walsh becoming co-captain.

Brownlow medalist Gerard Haley said Sports day On Wednesday, he wants to see Walsh promoted Vice captain, And Jenkins supports that idea, they are for the right reasons.

“It’s ridiculous,” Jenkins told Walsh in response to the idea of ​​becoming co-captain.

“There is no problem with putting him in a leadership position. He is ready and capable and willing.

“(But) don’t put him there so you don’t lose him to another club. That would be foolish.”

Walsh, 21, looks to be the destination for AFL greatness after an impressive start to his career.

The Blues have also lost Liam Jones and Mark Murphy from last year’s leadership group, with the new group expected to be announced next month.


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