Senate Criticism of Joe Biden Speech ‘Hilarious’

Joe Biden Point And Yell November 6 2021 Ap Photo

The White House on Wednesday mocked Congressional Republicans for criticizing President Joe Biden’s speech criticizing the Senate for blocking bills that would federalize state and local elections.

“I know there’s been a lot of claim made about the offensive nature of yesterday’s speech, which is hilarious on many levels,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said, pointing to Republican silence during former President Donald Trump’s presidency.

During his speech on Wednesday, Biden, a former senator, said accused Republican and even some Democratic senators siding with racists by refusing to vote for Democrat-led bills that would federalize electoral laws.

sen. Mitt Romney complained On Wednesday, Biden accused “some of my good and principled colleagues in the Senate of sinister, even racist leanings” and said the president was not interested in “unifying the country” with that kind of rhetoric.

Romney said Biden took “the same tragic path President Trump had taken and cast doubt on the reliability of the US election.”

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell described Biden’s speech as a “tirade” that was “inaccurate, incoherent and under his office”.

“This institution is built as a firewall against exactly this kind of anger and false hysteria,” McConnell said. “It’s up to the Senate to put America on a better track.”

Psaki admitted Biden’s speech “clearly touched a nerve,” but pointed to Republicans’ support for electoral integrity laws as evidence that they were against voting rights.

“For us, and for the president, what’s more irresponsible, more inappropriate and more divisive is the concerted effort by far too many Republicans to perpetuate the big lie and make voting more difficult,” she said.

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