Kovid Anxiety: How to take care of your mental health

Covid-related anxiety is on the rise, with patients in Jillgang experiencing increased stress about covid contraction or loss in planned activities. Read these expert tips on how to manage anxiety.

Concerns about coronavirus are on the rise, with health professionals in Jillong reporting increased stress in patients who have missed covid contractions or missed planned activities.

Psychologist Chris McKee said a growing number of clients were worried about the uncertainty surrounding Kovid’s influence in their lives and daily activities.

He said there had been an overall change, with many people now “resigning at the thought that they would get covid” and now appear less afraid of the omikron version of the virus.

But Mr McKee said people were worried about transmitting the virus to their frail and elderly family members.

“There is uncertainty and people are worried about how they will be affected,” he said.

“This includes many young adults who are anxious to get lost in events after being cut off from their social groups.

“They’re prioritizing catching it … they’re not just resigning to give it a chance, but they like to catch it at the same time as their peers.”

“The biggest concern is with their group of friends.”

Mr McKee said psychologists in the area were seeing patients who felt depressed, alert and out of control due to the current situation.

He says people can take small steps to manage it, by setting modest goals and focusing on things that can be planned, such as exercise.

Western Victorian Primary Health Network GP and spokeswoman Dr Anne Stephenson said GPs were seeing a significant increase in community stress and anxiety around Covid.

“People are worried about quitting if they have covid,” she said.

“They need to know that GPs will take care of them but, importantly, in a way that maintains access to health services for the community.”

Dr Stephenson said GPs were also seeing widespread concern about the coronavirus’s impact on cochlear contractions, the healthcare system’s ability to treat existing medical problems, and the ability of people to access ambulance and emergency care.

“The delays are also increasing frustration and this is the result of clashes between patients and health workers and reception staff,” she said.

Dr Stephenson said that when health services are under stress, people should seek immediate help if needed and not delay treatment.

Bourne Health spokeswoman Kate Bibi said the authority’s mental health services have seen an increase in demand for children, young people and adults seeking care.

“While there are many reasons why individuals submit to mental health assistance, there is no doubt that the uncertainty associated with covid has affected the mental health and well-being of our community and is contributing to the growing demand,” she said.

Barwon Health’s mental health services are available 24/7 via our hotline 1300 094 187.

Originally published Jill Ong’s psychologist Chris Mackie offers tips on how to manage covid-related anxiety.


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