In al-Baida and Marib, 33 coalition attacks, 200 Huthis were killed

Aden: “Bay”

Yesterday, Wednesday, the Coalition for the Legitimacy of Yemen announced that it had carried out 33 airstrikes against the Huthi militia in al-Bayda and Marib provinces, killing 200 militia members, matching the intensity of fighting in the Harib district. Giant brigades sent new reinforcements forward. The coalition said in a statement issued by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) on Wednesday evening that it had carried out 16 targeted operations against al-Huthi in al-Baida within 24 hours, destroying 10 military vehicles and killing them. 90 terrorist elements. It also carried out 17 targeted operations against the Huthi militia in Marib, destroying 11 military vehicles and killing 110 terrorists.

Fighting has escalated in Harib

Meanwhile, yesterday, Wednesday, clashes between the Yemeni legitimate army and the Huthi militia intensified in the Harib district, northeast of Yemen, south of the Marib governorate, after the first advance on the ground in the past three days.

A military source in the Yemeni army told the Gulf that the army was fighting a decisive battle to liberate the district and defeat the Huthi militia, with the participation of “huge brigades” and resistance forces. Al-Faliha and Salil Himal on the eastern axis of the district on the way to the center of the district. He added that since yesterday, Tuesday, legitimate forces have surrounded militias in Harib district on three sides, while fighting against Huthi militias is escalating in the western districts of Al-Juba, Sirwah and Raghwan. Of Marib. In view of the collapse suffered by the Huthi militia, artillery in the Al-Dhra, Al-Qawz and Al-Ikrima areas of the Harib district bombed residential neighborhoods, causing civilian casualties and displacing dozens of families in the desert.

Military sources said that the army had separated the militias stationed in the hilly area and surrounding areas after advancing on the Lajmah area.

Advance in Telal Mala’a

At the same time, scenes from the scene show the army advancing on some of the mountains in Malaya. One of the regional commanders on the ground also stressed the high morale of the army, pointing out that large brigade fighters from the Usailan district of Shabwa had secured the “northern side” of the army. Meanwhile, the combined forces pushed more troops into the Shabwa governorate, with its liberation by veteran forces and their progress towards the Marib governorate.

A local source said that 5 more brigades of giants are joining their comrades in the battle to free Marib.

Defeating the Huthi March

These fortifications came in the light of new advances of giant brigades north of Harib on the Ma’ab front of Marib, and were able to control the Al-Faliha and Salil mountains east of the Harib district of Marib state. The air defenses of the Giants Brigade forces also shot down a Huthi militia drone in the sky of Marib Governorate’s Harib district.

In a related development, Yemeni sources said that, yesterday, Wednesday, the Huthi militia bombed the homes of residential neighbors and civilians in the “Al-Dhra”, “Al-Quwaz” and “Ikrima” areas of Harib district.

A number of civilians, including a child, were injured in the blast, according to sources, adding that dozens of families had been displaced from the area.


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In al-Baida and Marib, 33 coalition attacks, 200 Huthis were killed 2

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