Chris Hemsworth and Real Estate: Piano Cove Sales Rumors of Avengers Actor Movement

The piano coves site in northeastern Tasmania, rumored to have attracted interest from actor Chris Hemsworth, sold out unconditionally this week.

There was speculation last year The Hollywood star bought the property It has 3 km of coastline and was planned to be settled there.

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The buyer has been identified as an investor, and his identity has been kept secret. “It’s not Chris Hemsworth,” he said.

Chris Hemsworth was rumored to be interested in Tasmanian piano coves

Despite many local rumors suggesting that the Hollywood superstar was considering buying the Piano Cove site, none of the potential buyers had any connection to the famous family.

“Honestly, I don’t know where the rumor came from. None of the buyers I dealt with publicly acknowledged that I was representing the Hemsworth family,” Mr Douglas said.

“While buyers in Tasmania are known locally, I suspect they are not in any of the movies I know of.”

Tourism Australia Philosophy Campaign Preview

Actor Chris Hemsworth next to Sydney Harbor.

Mr Douglas said private buyers of the property were happy to occupy the Piano Cove site for between $ 11m and $ 15m and believed they would take the time to consider how to develop the site and protect the environment around it.

The 531Ha (1312 acres) property on Tasman Highway has eight land titles, which the previous owner refused to sell in person.

The piano coves are marketed in Tasmania and the rest of mainland Australia as a last resort or potential tourist site, with limited supplies of similar land parcels.

Piano Coves Tasmania Home Land

The piano coves property is spread over eight land titles.

Mr Douglas said he and Knight Frank Lancaster’s co-agent David Webster had received more than 300 inquiries about the property from around Australia.

“While many inquiries were about the personal and private use of the land, it is possible that some of them may have tried to find out if the Hemsworth rumors were true.

“Coastal properties and properties on the east coast of Tasmania are very popular both here and on the mainland.”

Piano Cowes, Tasmania Real Estate

Piano Cowes, Tasmania Real Estate

Chris Hemsworth moved from Los Angeles to Byron Bay in 2015, building a mansion in a coastal town.

Just last year, Mr Hemsworth was rumored to have visited properties in Perth and the Burner Bay mansion in Sutherland Shire.

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