As the draw for the Australian Open draws near, Novak Djokovic is awaiting an immigration minister’s visa decision. Follow Live

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By Jonathan Hepburn

Djokovic blamed “administrative errors” on the immigration form

Documents released earlier this week showing that Djokovic had not traveled in the previous fortnight.

But that was wrong. There was evidence that he had traveled to Spain.

In a six-panel post on his Instagram page, Djokovic said he wanted to “constantly address misinformation” about his presence at events in December when he tested positive for COVID, and he also addressed the immigration form.

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture.

“It was a human error and certainly not intentional,” Djokovic said.

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By Jonathan Hepburn

How did we get here

At Monday’s hearing, Djokovic confirmed that he had not been vaccinated against Kovid. The only way to enter Victoria without a vaccine was to get a medical waiver for an underlying condition that could prevent her from being vaccinated medically or if she could just prove she had covid.

He has tested positive: not only in 2020, but on December 16, 2021. But then it was revealed that he was out in the community, without a mask, being positive.

Tracy Holmes writes this tracer tracing her steps.

That positive test could be significant: the visa decision could weigh on whether Minister Haq is convinced that Djokovic is “a good arrangement for health, safety or the Australian community, or a risk to a segment of the Australian community.” Immigration Act.

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By Jonathan Hepburn

What is happening today, then?

But, the Australian Open draw It’s happening later today, so they need to know if Djokovic will be part of it.

Oh, and Immigration Minister Alex Haq Djokovic’s visa is yet to be revoked.

Wait, can he do that?

Yes He is a minister. He has the right to revoke anyone’s visa, if he thinks it would be in Australia’s interest to do so.

By Jonathan Hepburn

Good morning blog friends

Novak Djokovic’s presence at the Australian Open is once again in question.

Stay with us as we wait for the answer.

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As the draw for the Australian Open draws near, Novak Djokovic is awaiting an immigration minister's visa decision. Follow Live 7

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