5 incredible short-notice UFC debuts

The UFC It’s an incredibly difficult place to debut. We’ve seen champions get there from rival promotions and suffer from ‘octagonal shocks’. However, some fighters are different.

Over the years, we have seen many fighters make impressive debuts in the UFC. Remarkably, a handful of them were able to do this on short notice.

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The short notice removed some of the pressure, or they were better than their opponents, is always debatable. However, it is safe to say that some promoted them to greater success.

With that in mind, here are five incredibly short-informed octagonal debuts.

# 5. John Jones – UFC 87

John Jones stunned everyone with his short-lived octagonal debut at the age of 20John Jones Not only the most influential but also widely recognized Light heavy weight In MMA history, but also as one of the biggest champions in UFC history. Ignoring the controversial disqualification in his 2009 fight with Matt Hamill, ‘Bones’ has essentially never been beaten in an octagon.

However, every fighter has to start from somewhere and it is very easy to forget that when he will eventually become a giant superstar, Jones actually made his debut at the age of 20 with a promotion in very late notice.

Initially, UFC 87’s undercard saw a light heavyweight bout between middle-order contenders Tomasz Drwal and Andre Gusmao. However, Drawal was released with an unknown injury just 12 days before the event was postponed.

Many eyebrows were raised after the promotion named Jones in his place. Not only was ‘Bones’ largely unknown, but with his 6-0 record, he had only been fighting professionally for five months.

When it came time to fight, though, it made no difference. Jones completely defeated Gusmao on the way to an easy decision. He abused the Brazilian in the clinch, brought him down on several occasions and even nailed him with some unconventional strikes like spinning elbows.

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