Why not exercise to lose weight

Many of us are putting on our sneakers and starting (or restarting) exercise rules in the hope of shedding unwanted pounds. Of course, the goal is to become more active. But if the main reason is weight loss, then yours New Year’s resolution There may be a very good response.

For starters, exercise – at least most of us do – is usually ineffective for weight loss. Take walking, for example. A 150-pound person who walks fast for 30 minutes will, on average, burn about 140 calories. That’s the equivalent of a can of soda – not really a huge return on your investment of time and effort. It is very easy to leave the soda.
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Study overall The recommended amount for good health during moderate-intensity aerobic exercise, such as walking 30 minutes a day, five days a week मात्रा usually loses little or no weight on its own.

When moderate exercise is added to the diet, the results are equally ineffective. Pooling Data from six testsResearchers have found that a combination of diet and exercise does not cause more weight loss than diet alone after six months. At 12 months, the diet-and-exercise combo showed benefits, but it was small – on average about 4 pounds. In another Review of the study, The difference was less than 3 pounds.

In Study Where exercise Is A meaningful weight loss product, participants burned at least 400 to 500 calories per session five or more days a week. To achieve that, a 150-pound person needs to take at least 90 minutes of brisk walking or 30 minutes of running 8-minute miles per day. In short, sessions need to go beyond what most of us are willing or able to do. And even if we manage to put in that much effort, our bodies often compensate by increasing appetite and dialing up metabolism, the effects of how many pounds we lose over time.

When exercise fails to meet our weight loss expectations, we often stumble upon it and stop working. A study of 30 overweight people participating in a 12-week exercise program He was later interviewedThe reaction was general: “It was so frustrating that I didn’t lose a pound and … it forced me to give up.” Another respondent who failed to lose weight described his exercise experience as “hitting my head against a brick wall”. It is safe to assume that she did not return.

Perhaps the biggest problem with exercising to lose pounds is that it turns physical activity into punishment – the price we have to pay for a lean body. How many times have you heard someone (or yourself) say, “I need to get extra exercise” after eating a lot during the holidays or at a festive dinner? We treat exercise as self-punishment for being “bad.”

By making exercise as penance, we are unlikely to enjoy it or continue doing it for very long. This is the message from A. Study Researchers urged middle-aged women to write down their thoughts on physical activity. Those who used words like “calorie” or “weight” were labeled “body-shapers”, while non-body-sappers were labeled. Both groups weighed the same on average. Bodybuilders were more likely to view exercise as a struggle, while non-bodybuilders said it made them feel better. Given this attitude, it is not surprising that bodybuilders exercised much less than non-bodybuilders.

The takeaway is that we are more likely to understand exercise positively and actually do it when we focus on our well-being rather than our weight. For some, the stimulus may be an improved mood or less stress. Others may find that exercise makes them feel physically and mentally stronger or more in control of their lives.

Of course, the benefits of physical activity go beyond that. It has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, dementia, depression, colds, back pain, osteoporosis and premature death. It can also improve sleep, boost energy, counteract the effects of old age and enhance our sex life.

What’s more, while it’s not very useful for melting pounds, exercise can To prevent weight gain And improve your appearance by increasing muscle mass To reduce visceral fat, Type indicated by large hips associated with heart disease and diabetes.

Imagine a pill with this long list of benefits. We will all rush for it.

So, try to exercise regularly in 2022. This is probably the most important thing you can do for your health. But to improve the barriers to success, focus on how the movement helps you feel better physically and emotionally – and forget about how it moves the needle to scale.

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