Transfer talk podcast: Kylian Mbappe’s PSG dilemma and link to Manchester United’s Mauricio Pochettino. Football news

The Transfer Talk podcast is back for the first episode of the January Transfer window.

Sky SportsPete Graves and Dharmesh Seth joined ESPN’s French football journalist Julian Lawrence, who covered the latest news and rumors circulating in Ligue 1.

He discussed the possibility of PSG bosses – and Manchester United’s long-term goal – to move Mauricio Pochettino to Old Trafford, as well as reported Newcastle targets Sven Botman and many more.

Embappe’s dilemma of Real Madrid

“I think PSG are still hoping – even if it’s a small hope – that they can persuade Kियनlian Mbappe to stay.

“The difference between Mbappe and Paul Pogba or Antonio Rudiger is that either he stays and signs a short extension – one year, maybe two maximum – or he goes to Real Madrid. His lawyer – who is important to the whole Mbappe family and family – may be He wanted to go last summer, while his father, Wilfred, lived in Paris.

“There are different vibes, ideas and opinions, which is really good and so PSG is still hoping that they can persuade him to stay with Messi and Neymar for a year and then go. For him, this is an incredible situation. And he will be the one to decide whether it is time to become a poster boy or stay for another year. “

Pochettino to Man Utd “Probable Scenario”

Mauricio Pochettino, Manager Of Paris Saint-Germain, Touches The Line During A Uefa Champions League, Group A Game.

“For me, this is the most likely scenario. Mauricio Pochettino wants to move to United – this is still his dream job. Is above

“I thought he would go when Ole Gunnar fired Solskjयरr and I think that could easily happen, but now I think summer is definitely a potential scenario.”

Premier League clubs are targeting the “wonderful” David

Jonathan David Of Lille Celebrates Converting His Penalty

“We know that Lille’s business plan and project are selling high-value players – Jonathan David is one, Renato Sanchez will be next and there is Sven Botman, of course – which many clubs are eager to enter right now, though. Think there will be one for the three who are about to go, they have not bought for much money and will sell them for about £ 80 million or maybe not more than m 100m, which would be incredible.

“For David, I think he’s amazing. It took him a while to move from Belgium to France, although it’s across the border, but it’s a different league, a different team and a different manager. Goals scored, how excellent he was this calendar year.

“He can do everything; his speed is good, his intelligence and football skills are amazing, he can handle the ball, he can press, he is a good finisher. For such a young player, he has a lot of potential, so I. And the people at Arsenal are really curious, and so are the other top clubs in England.

Vijnaldum collateral damage of poaching tinkering

Psg Midfielder Giorgione Vijnaldum (Ap)

“I don’t think he’s completely happy with the PSG. I think he will stay and he wants to stay and prove that he can start and do well for the team. I think the biggest problem is he’s playing around. Pitch, literally. As in many different places by Pochettino, which I think is struggling to bring recognition to this team for various reasons.

“Vijnaldum has been in a way – the ‘victim’ is a bit stronger – Pochettino’s collateral damage is in search of his excellent midfield and excellent formation. When his best position is to allow him to run and run, where do you fit him? Plenty of energy? Not as wide as Leon’s or as wide as seen on the left, to see if it’s a little better for him – I think he’s counter-productive.

“I can see why some English clubs are thinking of making phone calls to their people that, maybe, they want to return to the Premier League. I think they will see what happens in the second half of the season. Decide in the summer.”

For Boatman, Newcastle’s moves are in balance

Sven Boatman

“I think, Lille want to keep him until the end of the season. He will help them a lot against Chelsea in the Champions League and then try to make the top three in Ligue 1. -R-down and now they really need him. – Tiago Jalo – who excelled when Boatman was injured in October and November.

“He knows the offers he has received now will be there in the summer and if he does really well against Chelsea and shines, the same offers will be there, but with an extra £ 10m in the price tag. He has a lot of meaning to stay and I think Newcastle are looking at Benoit Badiashil, who is also a young center-back and left-footer, so it’s not Boatman or anything else.

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Transfer talk podcast: Kylian Mbappe's PSG dilemma and link to Manchester United's Mauricio Pochettino. Football news 7

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