Revealed: How Father Helped Daughter Tied to a Tree through 36-Hour Flood Trial

Nanango husband, Craig Mortensen promised his nine-year-old daughter Kira that they would survive the ordeal when they were swept away Friday night in deep floodwaters plaguing the Gympie region. Thanks to quick thinking, a rope and a nearby tree branch, the couple survived two nights in the treacherous conditions while chasing away snakes and insects. Mr Mortensen said his daughter kept him alive and he did exactly what any parent would do to protect her The brave father and daughter spoke to the media on Wednesday morning to explain how they did it. “If your kids are involved, that’s what we’re for. Once you have them, they’re everything, they’re the world,” Mr Mortensen said. “We’re not doing too badly, still a little run down so to speak,” he said. In the pitch darkness, the duo climbed onto the roof of their sedan and opened the doors to prevent the vehicle from drifting. Then they repeatedly called triple-zero before devising a survival plan. He said his early years with Cub Scouts, as well as many years working on boats, helped him tie the knots needed to keep the pair from being wiped out for two nights. β€œI cut a small piece of rope and tied it around Kira’s arms and looped the other end around my wrist so we were never more than six feet away from me,” he said. “It was a decent size tree with a big fork in it. I just put my arm around the tree…and I’m glad we had the rope because it broke out of my grasp.” Young Kira has described her father as “wonderful” and said she now feels “a lot safer and happier” just days after the ordeal. β€œHe usually just said it would be okay and we wouldn’t die,” Ms. Mortensen said. “I kept thinking I was going to fall, but I was tied to the tree so I knew it wasn’t going to happen,” she said. Mr. Mortensen fought back tears and assured his daughter that she was much braver than him. “You’re much braver than I am, honey, you’re a little girl,” he said. He said that after clinging to the tree for two nights, they had to change their plan because Kira had nothing to eat for almost two days and he couldn’t let her stay another night.

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Revealed: How Father Helped Daughter Tied to a Tree through 36-Hour Flood Trial 2

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