Republicans ARM themselves in the teeth – but then fire the wrong

The Australian Republic movement has designed the worst model for a republic, in which the monarchists will happily join hands.

(Image: Tom Red / Private Media)

Summer must be here, and there is a song of birds in the culture war pits as the Republic of Australia is in the news again.

Peter Fitzsimmons is bobbing again – the king of the Australian Republic movement many years ago, and its public face. Bandana is gone, but the army is advancing. What is he on screen now? Announcing unconditional surrender? Volume up and this is “a list drawn up by all Australian parliaments nominated by the people”.

And, well, noooo. The ARM has come together and come up with the worst-designed program for major constitutional change, God, from the voice of Parliament, I think. The ARM seeks to break out of the trap seen in the 1990s, in which the establishment of a republic wanted a president elected by parliament, thus creating a peculiar presidency, while the Republican rank-and-file wanted a directly elected president.

Read more about Rundle’s idea of ​​an ARM model.

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Republicans ARM themselves in the teeth - but then fire the wrong 4

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