Report: It sure sounds like Matt Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend is the one taking him down!

With the silence in the news about the Justice Department’s investigation into Rep. Matt Gaetz, you might think the Florida congressman was out on charges for allegedly sex trafficking with a 17-year-old, taking women across state lines for prostitution, and obstructing justice. But, surprise! That seems very bad not be the case from today.

NBC News reports that Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend testified on Wednesday before a federal grand jury investigating his plethora of alleged sex crimes, a huge development that suggests “the Justice Department is getting closer to indicting him.” The ex-girlfriend has reportedly been in talks with prosecutors for months about an immunity deal that would see her avoid prosecution in exchange for detailing everything she knows about whether the Republican windbag did indeed pay a 17-year-old girl for sex in 2017 and if he and others have violated the Mann Act by paying for prostitutes abroad. And in what sounds like not great news for his ex’s lawyer Gaetz, Tim Jansen, “has a reputation in Florida legal circles as a master of immunity deals after getting one for an admitted murderer who was ultimately not charged in exchange for helping authorities resolve the case.”

The Gaetz investigation began more than a year ago when his “wingman,” the former Seminole County tax collector, Joel Groenberg, was charged with numerous crimes, including sex trafficking by the same 17-year-old in the Gaetz investigation. While he pleaded guilty to stalking, aggravated identity theft, telefraud, conspiracy, illegally producing a false identification document and sex trafficking of a child, Greenberg saw many of the charges against him as pivotal dropped in exchange for cooperation, which should probably keep Gaetz up at night. (The Florida Republican and Donald Trump fanboy has not been charged with any crime and has denied all allegations against him, calling the DOJ investigation a “witch hunt”.) Last August, ABC News reported that Greenberg had provided researchers with “years of Venmo and Cash App transactions and thousands of photos and videos, as well as access to personal social media accounts.” According to The New York Times, receipts from mobile payment apps show payments from Gaetz and Greenberg to women who told their friends the money was for sex with the two men. A source familiar with the case told NBC News that the 17-year-old told investigators that Gaetz had sex with her.

But back to the ex:

The ex-girlfriend had an open relationship with Gaetz in 2017 and 2018 and is said to have discussed other women with whom he was dating, according to three friends of the former couple. She is said to have taken a trip to the Bahamas in 2018 with Gaetz and several of the congressman’s other young women and friends, a trip also under scrutiny, CBS News and Politico previously reported.

After the investigation began, Gaetz spoke with his ex-girlfriend in a three-way meeting with yet another woman who was working with federal investigators at the time and was secretly recording the conversation, according to two sources familiar with the case.

It is on that call that Gaetz is suspected of obstruction of justice, which federal prosecutors are investigating, according to law enforcement sources.

Gaetz did not respond to NBC News’ request for comment. Jansen, the ex-girlfriend’s lawyer, did not want to respond on Wednesday.

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