Prince Andrew failed in his bid to dismiss the sexual abuse case

A federal judge in New York has rejected a motion to dismiss the case Prince Andrew A woman has filed a lawsuit against Virginia Giffre alleging that Shahi was sexually abused when she was a minor.
“Ms. Giffre’s complaint is neither ‘obscure’ nor ‘obscure’,” Judge Louis Kaplan wrote in his ruling against the British. Royal Wednesday (Thursday morning Early AEDT).

“It identifies separate incidents of sexual abuse in special circumstances in three identifiable locations. It identifies who is responsible for that sexual abuse.”

Attempts to immediately drop Prince Andrew’s sexual abuse case in the United States have failed. (AP)

Ms Giffre alleged in the lawsuit that the late financier Jeffrey Epstein sold her and forced her to have sex with friends, including the prince, and that Andrew knew she was 17 in the United States at the time.

A lawyer for Prince Andrew argued last week that Ms Giffre’s case should be dismissed outright because she believed the agreement she signed with Jeffrey Epstein freed the prince from legal action.

Andrew’s lawyer also argued that Ms. Giffre’s case was insufficient because it did not provide details of her abuse, and that New York State law that allowed her to file a lawsuit decades after the alleged abuse was unconstitutional.

Attorney Andrew Bretler said: “Ms. Giffre does not comment on what happened to Prince Andrew.

A photograph of Prince Andrew with Geoffrey Epstein’s prosecutor, Virginia Roberts Giffre, and Ghiselin Maxwell in the background. (CNN)

“We do not know the details of the allegations and it is time that we respond to Prince Andrew with these very serious allegations. He should be specifically told what the allegations are.”

Judge Kaplan dismissed Mr Bretler’s argument, saying “this is not a dog that is going to be hunted here.”

Judge Kaplan also read out an excerpt from Ms. Giffre’s complaint, alleging that she had been forced to have sex with Prince Andrew against her will as a child.

Virginia Giffre Posted A Picture Of Herself At The Age Of 16, When She Said She Was Sexually Abused By Palm Beach Millionaire Jeffrey Epstein.
Virginia Giffre posted a picture of herself at the age of 16, when she said she was sexually abused by Palm Beach millionaire Jeffrey Epstein. (Getty)
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Prince Andrew failed in his bid to dismiss the sexual abuse case 5

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