Palm Kensit, Mandy MacDonald led the Upper Lachlan Council when Stafford resigned. Golburn Post

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John Stafford has resigned as Upper Lachlan councilor a month after being re-elected. Her departure, effective immediately, left Pam Kensit in a clear race to be elected Shire’s first female mayor in the first meeting on Thursday. Read more: Palm Kensit aims to run for Upper Lachlan Shire’s first female mayor Five women reserved seats in Upper Lachlan Shire Council Incoming councilor Mandy MacDonald won the deputy mayor’s post. In a brief letter read out by General Manager Colin Wurthy at the meeting, Mr Stafford said he would not continue as councilor and that his departure would allow the new council to resume with a clear path. He said it was an honor to serve as a councilor and thanked Mrs. Worthy and senior staff for their support. Stafford, who was not present at the meeting, did not give a reason for his resignation. Mr. Stafford was elected to the Upper Lachlan in 2016, serving as deputy mayor for two years and then as mayor from 2018 until the election of December 4, 2021. Also read: Who needs a deputy speaker? Bunfield Box tradition at the council is ready to roll out the vaccine for Blooms Chemist kids, not all places are available Bunnings customer data exposed in cyber security breach Cr Kensit defeated CR Joe Marshall by two votes to six for the top job in the general ballot. She will hold the role until September, 2023. CR MacDonald defeated John Searle by four votes to become deputy. This period runs until September, 2022. Also at the meeting, councilors agreed that any accidental vacancies in the council in the first 18 months could be filled by a general election vote count. This means that the person in the 10th position could fill the role, which would have cost Mr. Stafford an estimated $ 60,000 to avoid a by-election for the position. CR Kensit told the Post that she is very excited and humbled to be elected. “It means a lot of money,” she said. “This is a brand new look for the council and has taken a step forward with new dynamics including the leadership team. It’s very exciting to have two women there.” CR Kensitt said he did not know about Stafford’s resignation before the meeting but that he was “an extraordinarily busy person running his own business (Taralga Wildlife Park).” The new mayor said his main priority was to engage with the community and believed he was a very good councilor with some extraordinary talent. “I want to work as a team and use those strengths and weaknesses,” she said. CR McDonald’s defeated longtime councilor John Searle for the deputy post, but he said he never expected anything. “I’m very excited to have the support of the community and the council. Things will change because this is a brand new dynamic. It’s an exciting time for Shire,” she said. More to come Did you know that Goulburn Post is now offering breaking news alerts and daily email newsletters? Stay up to date with all the local news: sign up below.



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Palm Kensit, Mandy MacDonald led the Upper Lachlan Council when Stafford resigned. Golburn Post 2

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