Novak Djokovic visa scandal: Immigration Minister Alex Haq’s decision

Immigration Minister Alex Hawke has called for Novak Djokovic to be deported or allowed to stay in Australia.

All eyes are on Federal Immigration Minister Alex Hawke to decide whether to expel Novak Djokovic from Australia.

The The decision to revoke Djokovic’s visa last week was overturned in federal circuit court on Monday. But the last word of the minister remains Whether a tennis star is allowed to stay in the country.

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Following Judge Anthony Kelly’s decision The federal government has said it is still considering revoking Djokovic’s visaHe said he had the right to do so despite the court order.

Prosecutor Christopher Tran told the court that the immigration minister could consider whether to use “personal power to cancel” – which meant Djokovic would be unable to return to Australia for three years.

Report: Novak under new research

The latest reports emerged on Thursday, claiming that Spanish authorities were investigating Djokovic’s arrival in the country.

The tennis star said her agent mistakenly ticked “No” on the form asking if she had traveled to Australia in the 14 days before she left, when she actually went to Spain from Serbia at the time, where she practiced before the first practice of the year. Grand Slam.

Spanish publication COPE Agencies are investigating whether he entered the country illegally.

Tennis journalist Ben Rothenberg revealed that Spain’s policy does not allow “unvaccinated tourists” to enter the country and that he needs to prove that his work was “necessary”.

Fellow tennis reporter Gaspar Ribeiro Lanca tweeted: “Breaking News: COPE reports that the Spanish government is now investigating whether Novak Djokovic entered the country illegally by the end of December.

“Since September 20, Serbian citizens have needed a vaccination certificate or special exemption to enter Spanish territory, but so far authorities have said they have not received any request from Djokovic.”

Of James Franny Daily Mail Tweeted: “Novak Djokovic faces new charges for violating travel rules – this time when he visited Marbella last month, Spanish diplomats said. The Spanish government has ordered a police investigation. Djokovic’s team declined to comment.

This means that Djokovic is under investigation by three countries: Australia, Serbia and Spain. Serbia is investigating whether it broke the rules surrounding the Kovid secession Even after a positive test, he admitted to participating in interviews and photo shoots.

In late December and early January, the Soto Tennis Academy in Sotogrande, Spain, uploaded a number of videos on its official Twitter page showing Djokovic practicing there.

On January 4, the Tennis Head website reported: “Djokovic is still training on the same surface in Marbella, Spain, and with the official forces for the Australian Open.”

Marbella is about a 45-minute drive from Sotogrande.

Djokovic’s visit to Spain comes after he was spotted in Belgrade on Christmas day.

If Djokovic is considered a Spaniard, he may be fine. The 20-time major winner bought a house in Marbella, on the south coast of Spain, in 2020, moving from its former base in Monte Carlo on the French Riviera.

The decision will be made after Novak’s big recruitment

Journalist radio broadcaster Neil Bren believes Mr Huck will revoke Djokovic’s visa – another legal challenge.

“The government has the word to cancel Novak Djokovic’s visa today – and that will lead to this scenario. His legal team will file an order, which will be heard tomorrow. Djokovic will be attracted to play in the Oz Open as the top seed,” Brian tweeted.

“An indication will be given – the case will be heard next week.

“He will play after that, which means he could be knocked out of the middle ground if the court upholds the minister’s decision. The fun is coming.”

Political journalist Paul Bongiyorno reported that Mr Huck would oust Djokovic.

“I hear @AlexHawkeMP will boot out the Joker tomorrow,” Bongiyorno tweeted Wednesday night.

Djokovic admitted in a statement on Instagram on Wednesday Deliberately participated in an interview and photo-shoot with a French newspaper Group While covid-positive. His argument was to move forward with a 33-minute engagement because he “didn’t want to disappoint the journalist”, calling it a “decision error.”

“I agree that I should have rescheduled this commitment,” he wrote.

Djokovic has also admitted Incorrectly fill out your Australian travel declaration form Despite evidence that he had flown from Serbia to Spain two weeks before leaving for Melbourne, he ticked a box he had not traveled to in 14 days before flying to Australia.

However, World No. 1 said his agent filled out the form for him. “It was a human error and certainly not intentional,” Djokovic said.

Mother jumps to Novak’s defense

Djokovic, who has not been vaccinated, was given a medical exemption to compete in the first Grand Slam of the year, but when he arrived in Melbourne last week, the Australian Border Force said he did not have enough evidence to justify his exemption.

Djokovic was held at a Melbourne hotel until the end of Monday’s hearing, when he was released from custody.

Djokovic’s exemption was based on his and Tennis Australia’s beliefs In the last six months, there was a legitimate reason for not getting the contracted Covid-19 vaccine.

Appearing in Sunrise On Thursday, Djokovic’s mother, Disana He addressed his son’s desire to be vaccinated.

“Novak is 34-35 years old. As a mother, I have no choice but to pressurize him,” she said.

“He has his own philosophy of life. If he thinks so, I can say he is right.

“I know Novak is the healthiest man in the world as a player. He cares so much about his life and his body that no one could have imagined. He is very dedicated to this sport and dedicated to what he is doing. He wants to stay on the court and I know he is doing everything to take care of his body to stay healthy.

“I don’t know what the problem is if he doesn’t want to be vaccinated. It’s his choice and everyone in this world has a choice. It’s like a human right. You can’t force him to follow or do it.”

Djokovic’s family thanked fans for their support during a press conference in Belgrade earlier this week and defended their rights in Australia.

“Thanks to people all over the world, people have risen up to defend Novak, we saw the footage in front of the detention center,” said his brother Jordje.

“Novak is free, he practiced in court. He went there to pursue another degree, with the best possible intent and all the documents.

“Novak has been labeled many times, but he says freedom of choice. Justice has been done.

“Truth and justice have come to light. I would like to thank the Australian judiciary.

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