New York man loses entire family in Bronx apartment building fire

Muhammed Drammeh turned 12 on Saturday and was dead the next morning, along with his mother and two sisters – leaving the father in mourning the loss of his entire family of Sunday’s Bronx fire.

“One day they’ll just be gone and you’ll never see them again,” stunned Ishak Drammeh told The Post on Tuesday.

“My children were sweet,” said the father.

The Gambian-born father lost his son and wife Fatoumata, 50, and two daughters, Fatoumala, 21, and Nyumaaisha, 19.

The father was working in Ohio at the time of the fire.

He said he is still waiting to see the bodies of his loved ones.

“Detectives gave us a confirmation number to say they all died, but I can’t say because I haven’t seen them yet,” he said. “They say they’ll send us pictures, but I still haven’t seen them.

Ishak Drammeh lost his entire family — wife, son and two daughters — in the Bronx apartment fire on Jan. 9.
Robert Miller for the NY Post
Ishak Drammeh Is Comforted By Nypd Community Affairs Member.
Ishak Drammeh — still waiting to see his family’s bodies — hugs an NYPD Community Affairs member after the devastating fire.
Robert Miller for the NY Post

“I couldn’t see my wife, my daughter or my son. I am now between heaven and heaven.”

His 28-year-old wife and children all died in their 15th-floor apartment in the Twin Parks Northwest high-rise when the fire broke out.

Drammeh, who has not been able to eat since learning of his family’s death, said Fatoumala was in her senior year in economics at the University at Buffalo, while Nyumaaisha worked in a hospital until she was due to start university later this year. . Mohammed was also at school.

Drammeh'S Siblings Pose For The Photo Together.
The children, Fatoumala, Nyumaaisha and Muhammed, died on Sunday with their mother Fatoumala in their apartment on the 15th floor.
Family pictures

Drammeh prayed Tuesday at the Bronx mosque Masjid Ar-Rahama, which has connections with 16 of the 17 dead.

“To be honest, I know we all came from Allah Almighty and we are all going back to the Almighty,” said Drammeh.

Imam Musa Kabba is currently organizing a mass funeral for the victims who want to be buried in the US.

Bronx Fire Victims Fatoumata Drammeh, Center, And Muhammed Drammeh, Right, Are Depicted With Their Next Of Kin Fatimah Drammeh.
The Drammeh siblings and their mother are four of the 17 people killed in Sunday’s fire.
family photo

“We lost 16 people who belonged to this center, including fathers and mothers and children,” Kabba said. “We all prayed together. We have lost our people and our family. There is a lot of sadness.”

Drammeh plans to bury his family in the US, where his three children were born.

Tijan Janneh is another father in mourning.

His daughter, Sere Janneh, 27, is one of the 17 dead.

“My daughter was so kind and hardworking and respectful,” Janneh said when he returned to his apartment in the doomed building on Tuesday to gather some belongings.

“When the fire broke out, there was too much smoke. We live on the sixth floor. I opened the door and said, “Let’s go outside.” Everyone got out.

“There was too much dark smoke, we couldn’t see anything. From there we all split up.

“Later they just told us the news,” he said. “My daughter is gone.”


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