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Newly-elected mayor wants to lead security details by threatening his younger brother with “white supremacy”

Eric Adams, who took over as mayor of New York City on January 1, has backed out of plans to make his brother Bernard deputy commissioner of police, but still wants him to lead the mayor’s security at वर्षको 210,000 a year.

Democrat Adams initially sought to promote his younger brother to deputy commissioner of the New York Police Department, until media reports over the weekend raised concerns about ethics and nepotism. On Wednesday, city officials said he would submit an apology to the conflict of interest board at some point this week.

Under the mayor’s offer, his younger brother will serve as executive director of mayoral security, a position many colors and $ 30,000 a year less than the original posting. Bernard Adams, 56, retired from the NYPD as a Sergeant, and last served as Assistant Parking Director at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Adams has defended the appointment “Protection is personal” And his brother was the most qualified person for the job.

“I trust my brother. My brother understands me and if I have to give my life into someone else’s hands, I want to give it into the hands of the person I trust most. “ Adams told reporters Sunday that critical reports of the appointment had surfaced for the first time.

He said Bernard’s NYPD experience made him worthy of what he described “Threats have increased” And “A serious problem with white supremacy.”

The AP reported that there was no known situation before “Executive Director of Mayoral Security” On the NYPD organizational chart. According to the agency, the mayor’s security details are usually led by an inspector-ranked official in the municipal security section, part of the NYPD’s intelligence bureau, according to the agency.

Former mayor Bill de Blasio had received a moral exemption to allow his wife, Chirlen McCrae, to head the city’s philanthropic branch, but she was not paid for the work. De Blasio misused NYPD security details during his abortion presidential campaign – to the tune of about $ 320,000 – and forced them to take their adult son around the city and to nearby Yale University in Connecticut, city investigators said last October.

Adams, the second-black mayor of the most populous American city, is himself a former NYPD captain and has campaigned on law and order platforms. He has backed the plan by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg Jail punishment should not be sought For many crimes, and some refused to veto the law 800,000 non-citizens The right to vote in municipal elections.

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