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A mother in Canada has claimed that her ex-husband hid his 7-year-old daughter for more than a month because he did not want her to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

The girl’s father, Michael Jackson from Saskatchewan, appeared on a right-wing talk show. “Live with Laura Lynn With his daughter on January 7th. The headline of the episode was, “Father running as ex-wife says he will obey government and vaccinate his 7-year-old child.”

“The father has repeatedly asked the mother to come to the same page because the court has given medical authority to what happens to the child. Michael, father, after extensive study of data and science, came to the same conclusion that children do not need it. Vaccination and that, in fact, can be harmful Specialist doctors from around the world said in a statement from the talk show.

Jackson said he was “doing what God wants me to do” and that “I couldn’t let this happen, I had to save my daughter from it.”

She also said that her decision to run away with her daughter was “because they are coming for our children.”

After the interview, the girl’s mother, Mary Carr Jackson, called for public support to bring her daughter home and was concerned about her daughter’s health. The last time Marycar Jackson spoke to her daughter was on the phone on November 21.

“She is only seven years old. She needs to be home. I just need her home,” the mother told Canada. CBC News

The father claims his daughter is OK and explains the reason for bringing her to the talk show to prove that she is in good health.

“I wish everyone was healthy, they were happy,” he said on the talk show.

During the program, the host went straight to her daughter and asked her why she didn’t need to be vaccinated.

“Because it can change your DNA and I don’t believe God wants me to. And it can make you sick and kill you,” she replied.

Authorities have not been able to locate the girl and her father. Marycar Jackson is working with Jill Drenan, director of the Saskatchewan Rural Legal Aid Office, to help her daughter get home.

“We don’t believe they’re in the community anymore. She may be out of state. We just don’t know where she is. We’re asking the public for help,” Draen told CBC News.


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