Linebacker Roquan Smith All-Pro deserves consideration

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Give him something!
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I don’t know if anyone knows, but the 2021 season was bad for the Chicago Bears. They ended up with the worst record since 2017. Of course, playoff hopes will irritate any fanbase that will be extinguished before the fire really burns, but this double-digit loss season is not an unfamiliar area for Bears fans. And they have no choice in the matter. The problem with this season is that it was just a pathetic experience.

The transition to the Los Angeles Rams from Week 1 (SoFi Stadium is great, but parking lots in Los Angeles alone can cost more than tickets to the game tickets) was the unpleasant 2021 season in Minnesota at the end of the season on Sunday. . It was so unpleasant that after the Chicago Bulls got off to an unexpected, great start to their regular season, the song “Great fire” Fans can be heard singing together at the United Center.

Coach Matt Nagy and general manager Ryan Paes were relieved of their duties on Monday, but a subsequent press conference Polar opposite McCaskey, to qualify current players, fans, media, former players, and anyone who can breathe without a nickname. So NFL, please help the fanbase of one of your youngest franchises in this offseason to have one or two sweet dreams. Give Rokwan Smith some kind of approval.

He didn’t make the Pro Bowl, which can be forgiven. The way the Pro Bowl selection process works Fan votes, coach votes, and player votes are all equally weighted. There were only two inner linebacker positions available for each conference, and with Mike Parsons – listed as an inner linebacker though his fame has come as a pass racer – being the best year for the Dallas Cowboys, he was going to dominate the fan vote. For one of those NFC locations.

That’s fine, but Smith could be all-pro this year, and the first-team selection could be sorted. His calculation figures are strong – for the sixth combined tackle in the NFL and the fourth defeat between the traditional linebackers.

Football outsiders Aaron Scottz tweeted some interesting numbers on Smith today. Smith is the top-five performer in his two advanced statistical categories: defeat and pass tackle stops. Defeat is a combination of losses, forced turnover, and a combination of tackles for 3 / 4th down stops. Smith Was Matt Milano of Buffalo Bills is the only other traditional linebacker in that category – tied for fifth in that category. Pass tackle stops are when a player tackles a pass catcher at least 60 percent of the first down marker on the 3 / 4th down, at least 60 percent on the second down, and at least 45 percent short on the first down. Smith Leads NFL in that position.

Those advanced statistics show that Smith is one of the best defensive playmakers in the NFL. The job of the defense is to bring their offense back to the field as soon as possible to prevent other offenders from scoring. These drive-ending types of plays, created by Smith, are types in which an assistant coach interrupts a meeting, runs the game back several times, and praises the player. For young players, if you want to make sure you have time to play on defense, these are the games that you make them, your coach will put you on the field.

After the national championship against Georgia in Alabama Game I Years ago, Smith was considered a defensive potential. Now, after his Bulldogs Brought down Without him in Alabama, Smith is not enjoying the victory he has in Georgia, but he is playing the same games in the NFL as he did there. He will be rewarded this offseason or another financially and will become the highest paid inner linebacker in the league. Anyway, for his sake, and for bear fans, the Associated Press, pro football writers, make man all-pro. Free Italian beef for anyone who votes for him first team.


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