Jared Brooks is willing to face Rodtang in a special rules fight, not interested in money

Jarred Brooks‘The top priority is to get the stamp fairtex out on a date. That is very clear.

Last month, she tried to make it to the ONE Women’s Atomweight World Grand Prix Championship on Instagram. She responded by challenging Jared Brooks.

Tickets She said that if she could beat her ex-boyfriend she would consider dating the Straw Star, a flyweight Muay Thai world champion Rodtang Jitmuanganan ruling the Muay Thai battle.

Jared Brooks accepted the challenge and in a recent interview with the ONE Championship, the American star admitted that he was not at all worried about winning purses, fame or the dangerous striking equipment of the roadtang.

Stamp is the only reason he’s thinking of squabbling against a dangerous striker like Rodtang.

“Stamp. Ticket! She said if I win the World Muay Thai title, but I think we can make some conditions in that agreement.”

“Because, I mean, that’s the main goal, to be honest. I mean, like, what do I win? Some money? Tickets forever, man.”

At the same time, he is confident that Stamp will remove Muay Thai from the World Cup. Rodtang is unlikely to win the World Cup against MMA GOAT contenders Demetrius Johnson In their special rule battle, set for ONE X this year.

If Johnson gets out of the epic battle, the Strawt contestant will want to take the right step, targeting a night of romance, laughter and perhaps even some pad work sessions with a fierce Thai superstar.

Jarred Brooks set for a sophomore appearance on ONE: Only the Brave

The 28-year-old star is certainly not a sweet talker, but she hopes her skills in the circle will be enough to attract the stamp.

The American MMA fighter will have another chance to impress the Thai fighter when he plays Hiroba Minowa. A: Only brave Friday, January 28th.

In the division, No. 3 seed Lito is defeating Adivang in the second round, while his No. 4 opponent has already won two matches on the world stage.

A win for anyone could push them closer to their ultimate goal of ending the year with the ONE Strovet World title on their shoulders.


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Jared Brooks is willing to face Rodtang in a special rules fight, not interested in money 4

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