Djokovic Saga highlights the plight of refugees

This is the speech given by the detainee Joy Mia After January 9 at the Park Hotel Refugee Rally Novak Djokovic Was also detained.

Hello, beautiful people. Congratulations to all of you for coming here today.

I want to accept beautiful land. Land theft Vurundajeri Of Elite nation In which we are today.

And I respect myself. I acknowledge the past, present and future of all tribal elders.

My name is Joy. I am a refugee from Bangladesh. I am one of the 33 men living in it Park Hotel Prison Torture Center. Well, now 34, because on Thursday, Novak Djokovic came to join us in our prison.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we ask you: Why is it that celebrities are present to draw attention to our plight?

He is a man like us who lives with hope and dreams, sorrow and happiness.

Mr. Djokovic, would you speak for us when you were released?

Can you tell the world how we have been at the mercy of Australia’s brutal immigration system for ten years?

How are we still waiting for our lives to be safe?

During dinner on December 29, we found magnets in our food. This food is unhealthy, we are getting sick because of this food.

Freedom is beautiful for everyone. My whole life, I’ve been in the room, 24/7. Inside this room, I try to die. I always fight for my freedom.

We can no longer breathe inside this torture prison. Everyone wants natural light and air. We don’t have access, we haven’t been able to do that for the last two years. Why aren’t we people like you?

I was brought to Australia for treatment in 2020. Since then I have not been able to get good treatment without Panadol.

Djokovic is sad, but Australian refugees face lifelong persecution

Our focus should be on refugees who have been imprisoned for years rather than staying longer at Novak Djokovic’s Park Hotel, writes Marion Costello.

Morrison Government, why do you keep us in this torture center for two years without any crime? What is the reason

We have not committed any crime. We are all innocent human beings, because we can see so many beautiful human beings in front of us.

I forgot to mention these ten years. These are not only from 2022, they are from 2013 and we are also suffering in 2022.

And yet we have 34 innocent people in the Park Hotel Prison Torture Center.

I want to tell the Australian government that ten years is enough. Enough, please.

Why are we being stopped, for what? What is the reason

We are convinced that the Australian government, which is torturing us, has paid your taxes. Who can say that our ten years, our young life can be given back?

I was young when I came to Christmas Island in 2013. I dreamed after coming here. I don’t need to win the Australian Open. But I had my own dreams.

I wanted to make my career. I want to make a beautiful family. But my dream never comes back. Because everything was destroyed.

Djokovic’s case has made Australia a laughing stock in the international arena

The decision by Home Minister Karen Andrews to revoke Novak Djokovic’s visa has made Australia an object of international ridicule.

Who can give back my dream? My beautiful life And our ten years.

Mr. Morrison, can you give us back our young lives? These ten years?

My only request to the government of this beautiful country was freedom and security. We have found that the prison has been torturing us for ten years. Without reason

Today we want justice from you for our ten years.

Please, we want your support. We are all mentally ill. Because of this torture we are all physically ill.

Please, we want to be free.

Please open the windows.

Please open the door.

Please release us.

Thank you so much, dear people, for making us happy with your wonderful support.

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