There is no shortage of supplies for local producers, small businesses have supermarket shelves empty Golburn Post


While large chain supermarkets struggle with empty shelves and delivery delays, local producers in the Southern Highlands and Tablelands are filled with fresh produce. READ ALSO: NSW records more than 25,000 new cases, killing 11 people “We use a lot of suppliers, a lot of eggs in different baskets, so we’re doing well,” he said. “As commodity prices rise, this is part of the concern because ultimately we have to keep our prices down which is challenging for customers. We still sell a lot, but the big supermarket chains are where everyone goes.” The cafe side was only slightly affected, the cycling side was a different story – the late delivery directly affected his business. “We are very impressed because it is a big part of our business,” he said. There is no bike stock from. Also read: ‘Employee tears and lack of workforce’: Call to work for the elderly care sector “It’s getting worse, not better. Covid hit the production line in 2020, and it slowed down and caused backlogs. “Now it’s shipping. It doesn’t make it to our shores, and it doesn’t make it to our stores.” Mr Toparis said COVID posed a challenge to its business. “We have the staff and the bills, and that makes it difficult,” he said. This is a difficult time for businesses, “said Pete Lenhan, manager of Highland Meats Mitgong.” There are plenty of stocks for small independent businesses. ” “While the demand for meat has not increased the price, it has increased the customer base of Highland Meat. Consumer pressure has increased,” he said. “We let the community know we have stock.” Also read: Djokovic’s court defeat traps Morrison government amid bad options Unaffected by supply delays, Yasmin and Chris of Robertson Fruit Shop are working from their respective places to help the community. The family-run small business has redesigned custom and prefabricated fruit and vegetable boxes for residents who are lonely or do not want to leave home. Yasmin said customers call the store, place orders and pay by phone for contactless car boot delivery. “We are caring for the community and trying our best to help,” she said. “We didn’t see much in the supermarket, and we’re just trying to help, especially for the older community who don’t want to come out.” While their store is full of produce, Yasmin said that many producers are not in the market as they offer fresh fruits and vegetables. Also read: Ph armists urge community to book their booster “Last week, a lot of people were missing out on the Flemington market because they were sick, so there weren’t many options, but there were supplies,” she said. “There weren’t 20 people selling tomatoes, so there was a bit more demand which pushed up the price a bit, but we were still able to get almost everything.” There are a lot of people, and forklift drivers are disappearing from the market. Delayed service but we all understand why. “We’re all looking at each other. We’ve got it right.” Despite the lack of fresh produce in the supermarket, Yasmin said the store was doing business normally. “It’s the tourist time of the year, so a lot of people are on vacation,” she said. “We were busy, but we’re usually a busy little shop.” There seems to be a lot of people behind fresh fruits and vegetables. “Also read: Residents urged to prepare for wet weather emergencies Did you know that Goulburn Post is now offering breaking news alerts and daily email newsletters? Keep up to date with all local news. Date: Sign up below.


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There is no shortage of supplies for local producers, small businesses have supermarket shelves empty Golburn Post 3

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