Tasmania Health Commander Morgan-Weeks tested positive for COVID-19

Tasmania’s top health official has tested positive for COVID-19.

Catherine Morgan-Weeks, Tasmania’s state health commander, said in a statement that she had tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday afternoon.

“I am asymptomatic but one of my family members had mild symptoms and was confirmed to have a positive case and underwent a PCR test this morning,” Ms Morgan-Wicks said.

“I am OK at the moment and will continue to work separately from home in my role as Secretary and State Health Commander.”

The statement said that no risk concerns requiring quarantine or testing of any contacts other than household contacts in quarantine as a close contact have been identified.

The announcement came a day after the first Tasmanian government minister tested positive for COVID-19, with Guy Barnett announcing he had mild symptoms and was isolated at home.

Ms. Weeks has been leading the Department of Health’s COVID-19 response since the epidemic began. 2020 Bernie Hospital Outbreak And promoting several media conferences.

Ms. Morgan-Weeks’ announcement comes on the heels of a request from the Department of Health to comment The distribution of text messages sent in error advises people to be able to isolate them.

A message sent 20 minutes later told people to ignore the instructions.

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