Shenhe weapons, artwork and team guide

Shenhe is the newest 5-star character to arrive in the “Genshin Impact” according to the 2.4 update, which gives the team a new way to provide some much-needed offensive buffs that only get stronger when paired with other Cryo users.

Although less personal damage, Shenhe compensates everyone by increasing the DPS significantly. She can fit in many teams Recent meta, Especially the cryo and fridge reactions remain very strong in high-level end-game content.

Shenhe may be a bit confusing to use at first, though, so here’s a guide to help players.

How to use Shenhe

That said, Shenhe is a support character who offers offensive ATK buffs and continuous off-field cryo applications. His elemental skill, Spring Spirit Summing, provides buffs with active characters for any damage they do but only for a certain amount of hits. Holding the skill button increases the number of hits allowed, but it also increases the capacity cooldown.

Players should use this ability as much as possible because the value of Shenhe comes from his buffs. It is recommended to tap the skill because the cooldown is less than when the capacity button is held.

Shenhe’s last, the release of Divine Maiden creates a harmful AoE cryo field that shatters the physical and cryo RES of all enemies inside. Use it when larger combos are available with other characters.

Shenhe Gensin In Her Character Demo For Impact
Shenhe Gensin in her character demo for Impact
Photo: miHoYo

Shenhe artwork set

Like many supports, Shenhe is a viable candidate for the 4-piece Noble compulsion Set to further enhance her support capabilities. Otherwise, a mixture of Gladiator finals And Remembering Shimenawa That should be sufficient. This is because Shenhe’s ATK buffalo measures with its own ATK state.

Prefer as much ATK stacking as possible in Shenhe to get maximum value from his buff. This means abandoning CRIT and Cryo DMG statistics, which will further hurt his personal DPS.

Weapons recommendations

Weapons like energy recharge or ATK buffs Disaster Queller, Lightning strikes, Skyward spine And Favorite Lance Great options for Shenheka as they allow him to use his Elemental Burst multiple times while providing a good bump in his damage and buff ability.

Team compositions

Shenhe fits very well into cryo-centric teams like Carrie To count, Ayaka And, to some extent, Yula. She is trading extra CRIT rates for more crude losses, which in most cases could serve as an alternative to Rosaria.

Using Chongyun Shenhe’s use of the Cryo DMG buff can make him shine even more as he can infuse attacks with Cryo.


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