Hanan al-Ash provokes ridicule and responds with “false evidence of his relationship with Ronaldo.”

On Sunday, the Tunisian model, Hanan Al-Ash, caused an uproar over her romantic relationship with Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo.

The truth about the relationship between Hanan El-Ash and Cristiano Ronaldo

In a televised interview on Tunisia’s “Al-Hiwar” channel’s “Idea Sami” program, Hanan al-Ash said that Ronaldo sent several messages via the “WhatsApp” app, but declined to reply, adding: “Then he sent me (via Instagram) app. Contacted and got my number from a friend, call me.

The pioneers of “Twitter” and “Facebook” shared videos of the episode through their accounts, including sarcastic remarks denying the incident.

He confirmed that the model is in search of fame by including the name of world player in her life.

Following the wave of ridicule, Hanan al-Ash released a video clip of the player following her through her Instagram account as proof of the validity of the allegations.

    Tunisian Model Hanan L. Ash

The statement was also criticized by Tunisian media. Samir al-Wafi wrote on Facebook: “In a special press release to us today, Mr Cristiano Ronaldo strongly denied any involvement with Miss Hanan al-Ash, stressing that he was shocked yesterday. While watching his favorite show in the evening, Sami Al-Fihri’s thoughts, Hanan’s statement with his wife Georgina.

Tunisian actress Khawla Slimani has defended Hanan al-Ash via her Instagram account.

And he wrote: “People who focused on Hanan al-Ash for his statement in Cristiano Ronaldo, Marcoch, that this woman is involved with charitable organizations, helping people with special needs, and others.”

And he added, “I know her well, and she’s helpful, and that’s the fault of her.”

Hanan al-Ash’s remarks on the crisis

Hours after the crisis, Hanan El-Ash told local Tunisian media, “Mala appointed her kidney.” [تعرّضت للحسد] After the story .. I am out of the country now and I am in quarantine after it was confirmed that Corona is infected. ”

He added: “Tunisians have a conscience [قلة ثقة] Everything extraordinary and down-to-earth made me laugh, and I laughed in my soul. ”

Hanan al-Ash is a Tunisian model who has 477,000 followers on her “Instagram” account.

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Hanan al-Ash provokes ridicule and responds with "false evidence of his relationship with Ronaldo." 2

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