Detroit DoorDash Driver saves toddler streets in frigid temperatures

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A Detroit DoorDash driver rescued a toddler when he saw the child wandering the frigid Eight Mile Road on Sunday in just a diaper and a pair of socks.

Robert Jackson III was on his way to make a delivery on Sunday when he… came about the child, according to Fox 2 Detroit.

“I saw something in the distance, but I wasn’t sure what it was, and as I got closer I said, ‘That’s a kid!'” Jackson explained.

The Detroit News reports the maximum temperature on Sunday was 38 degrees, but the wind chill made it feel below freezing.

Jackson got out of his vehicle and wrapped the boy in his coat before putting the toddler in his warm car.

“He was right in the middle of Eight Mile,” Jackson told Fox 2 Detroit. “(He) was trembling, his hands and his lips were purple and his fingers were purple.”

“I jumped in the car and to give the baby some body heat — more body heat because I had the heat on — I just held it,” Jackson said.

Jackson apparently tried to ask the toddler where he was from.

“You can’t ask him who his mama is. He can’t talk,” Jackson said in captured cell phone footage. “Look, he has no shoes.”

The Good Samaritan caught the attention of another motorist, who stopped and called 911.

cpl. And Donakowski, a spokesman for the Detroit Police Department, told the Detroit News that officers were called to the scene at about 11:18 am

After the first responders arrived, medics took the toddler to a hospital as a precaution and the child was considered healthy, the Detroit News reports.

Officers were able to contact the child’s mother, who left the toddler in the care of her 16-year-old son while she was out shopping. She met the officers at the hospital to pick up her young son.

“It looks like an accident and it doesn’t look like charges will be filed,” he said Donakowski.

Jackson is happy that he was in the right place at the right time.

“It feels good to be there — I don’t know how to explain it,” Jackson told Fox 2 Detroit.

“I am grateful that I was there to help that child. That means a lot to me. I’m here,” he added, tapping his heart.

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