US centers require a PCR test one day before traveling to the United States

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Control on Thursday tightened travel requirements by publishing an amendment to its decision to conduct a Covid-19 study a day before going to the United States. States travel.

And the new agency’s decision stated that the virus causing the “Covid-19″ outbreak has new opportunities for change, and therefore it is becoming more difficult to control,” noting that “what is known and expected that viruses change through mutations that lead to the emergence of a new mutant, the ommicron mutant. The new issue is of particular concern, so this decision has been changed.”

The decision indicated that the allowed tests are those approved by the Food and Drug Administration, with the exception of people presenting documents proving they have recovered from the infection within 90 days.

And the decision stated that “It is unknown at this time what level of protection the current vaccines provide against the new mutant. Therefore…. All travelers, including those who have been fully vaccinated, except those who present a recovery document, must undergo a Covid-19 test a day before their flight.” to meet the requirements of this amended resolution.

And the decision said that “shortening the interval for this study to one day before departure instead of three days for those who have been fully vaccinated reduces the chance of developing an ommicron-mutated infection before it reaches the United States of America.” reached America.”

The decision will come into effect on December 6.


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US centers require a PCR test one day before traveling to the United States 2

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