The winning card of the Emirates national team ends Mauritanian goalkeeper’s determination in the Arab Cup

The Whites had a hard-fought victory in the 93rd minute when substitute Khalil Al Hammadi scored the only goal of the game to give the national football team the victory and the game went into a negative tie. The second round for the second group stage in the Arab Cup 2021 is currently taking place in Doha, Qatar with the participation of 16 teams.
After winning the last game against Syria and winning for the second time in a row, the team increased its score to 6 points.
And the referee canceled the national goal for the national team, which Ali Saleh scored for the offside “70”.
Khalil al-Hammadi scored for Mauritania goalkeeper Embaki Ndiaye, who played a key role in blocking the team’s easy chances in the second half.
The team increased their score to four points, having previously won 2-1 against Syria, and will face their Tunisian counterpart tomorrow at the end of the preliminary round games, while the Mauritanian team remains without credit.
The team played against the same team that had played in the previous game in Syria, and for the first time, with the exception of the participation of goalkeeper Mohammed al-Shamsi, the main goalkeepers were Ali Khasef and Mohamed Barghas in the defensive line. Mahmoud Khamis’s team included Walid Abbas, Muhammad al-Attas and Bandar al-Ahbabi, and Ali Salmin, Abdullah Ramadan, Tahnaun al-Jabi and Ali Saleh, and Kayo Kanedo and Ali. Mabkhout.
The team, led by Ali Mabkhaut and Kayo Kanido, launched the attack and led more than one attempt to reach the Mauritanian goal, but lacked good focus and final touch, while the Mauritanian team relied on counter-attacks through Idris Thiam and Tangi. Fever
Although the team excelled for most of the first half, they failed to capitalize on many of the opportunities that came their way, and Al-Abyad witnessed a pressure attack in the final minutes of the first half, but the Mauritania goalkeeper performed remarkably well. On more than one occasion he was prevented from reaching his goal.
Mauritania goalkeeper Mabkhaut refused to score the first goal after Kayo saved a cross in front of a “36” goal.
Goalkeeper Mbaki Ndayi saved his goal by scoring two goals before the end of the first half, the first being a powerful shot by Ali Saleh (44) and the second a dangerous attempt by Mabkhaut (45).
In the second half, both sides made serious efforts to win the game in their favor.
In the second half, the team pressed Mauritania’s goal in search of a goal to advance, so Ali Saleh scored a global goal, but was canceled out due to an offside after returning to the “mouse”.
With the entry of Ismail Matter, Tigali and Khalil al-Hajmadi in the second half, coach Marvik’s changes turned the tide of the game in Al-Abyad’s favor, after he faced a tough opponent in a game that was almost interrupted. Team career.


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The winning card of the Emirates national team ends Mauritanian goalkeeper's determination in the Arab Cup 3

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