Hilarious False TripAdvisor Reviews of England’s Bay Barge

“There was hardly a dry eye along the seawall as families, couples, joggers and dogs took in the sheer beauty and magnitude of Vancouver’s newest attraction.”

That’s an excerpt from a TripAdvisor review written for the “Sunset Beach Barge” that washed up on November 15 during a heavy rain and wind storm. Rarely is such high praise sung in Vancouver, but the English Bay Barge is a gigantic, stranded exception. The vessel is scheduled to be removed from the beach early the week of December 6 and has received the following since its arrival. So far the barge has come out his own social media presence, inspired fundraisers, and made international headlines.

we here at Vancouver is amazing to have tried to pinpoint exactly what makes the ship such an attraction with varying results. Whatever the reason, much of Vancouver is in on the joke, to the extent that Barge Chilling Park now appears as a location on Google Maps and the Barge’s own TripAdvisor page has a rating of 4.5 stars.

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It turns out that 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor in Vancouver compare to some of the city’s best-known attractions. Other Vancouver tourist hotspots with the same rating as the now legendary stranded wood chip barge include the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, Harbor Air Seaplanes, the Vancouver Aquarium and downtown Vancouver in general.

The ship’s rating actually beats a few other local features, such as the Vancouver Trolley Company and all the neighborhoods of gastown and Chinatown.

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