GM to retrofit 2022 models with heated steering next year

DETROIT– General Motors customers who purchase vehicles without heated steering wheels due to parts shortages can have the heating system added next year, the automaker said Friday.

The update comes weeks after GM told dealers it had to temporarily eliminate heated steering wheels, heated seats and ventilated seats of many 2022 models.

The retrofit process will begin when parts become available, likely in the third quarter, at no additional cost to the customer, GM said in the statement. Affected customers will receive a $25 credit per vehicle. GM planned to discount vehicles at $150 if heated steering wheels could not be retrofitted.

On Nov. 19, GM said it would? retrofit vehicles sold without heated and ventilated seats, but the automaker did not yet have a retrofit solution for heated steering wheels.

GM is also offering free use of its Remote Access Plan for a year to customers who will retrofit their vehicles with heated steering wheels, heated seats or ventilated seats.

The plan includes remote control, vehicle localization, on-demand diagnostics and voice service features for equipped vehicles.

Customers can sign up for the plan immediately, GM said.

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GM to retrofit 2022 models with heated steering next year 2

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