AFL 2021: Warren Tredria abandons Channel 9 sports news vaccination policy

Port Adelaide legend Warren Tredria has mysteriously disappeared from Nine News. Now he has an uncertain future.

Port Adelaide legend Warren Tredria, who was reportedly absent from a Channel 9 Adelaide news broadcast this week when the station introduced the new Covid-19 vaccine policy.

This came after Channel 9 nationally introduced double vaccination orders for all on all its sites.

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Tredria has been replaced by sports journalist Tom Rehan during the 5pm and 6pm bulletins broadcast, with Tedria missing overnight.

Both Tredrea and Nine declined to comment Of Adelaide Advertiser.

Tredria, a four-time All-Australian who has played all 255 games of his AFL career for Power, including captaining the side’s 2004 Premiership team, has previously described himself as a “pro-choice” when it comes to covid vaccines.

It has now been revealed that Tredria has decided to take leave immediately.

Adrtiser reports Tredrea’s future is under a cloud. Nine spokesmen said the newspaper Tredria had gone on leave immediately.

“Warren has chosen to take some time off, which is not uncommon for our news, sports and weather presenters as we enter the summer, non-rating period,” the spokesman said.

“This year it’s time for Warren to start ahead of his time.”

Report details Tradre has been involved in legal representation and is in talks with station lawyers around a new vaccination policy.

Tredria has been working for Nine Adelaide since 2013 and has been a regular guest and expert commentator on the radio station FIVEaa for the AFL season.

Speaking on a radio station earlier this year, Tredria shared that he believes a person has the right to make their own choices.

“No, not me, I’m fully vaccinated … but I’m not vaccinated with covid,” he said in September. “Everyone has the right to do what they want because it’s your body.”

Speaking about the double vaccination mandate for AFL players, he also said: “It’s everyone’s personal situation and choice. So if players don’t want to do it, that’s fine, that’s their decision. You shouldn’t be able to lose your job.”

AFL policy is essentially no job, no game As a non-vaccinated player Will not be able to attend clubs or AFL campuses, including training or playing, unless they have a league-approved medical exemption.

Tredria also called the vaccine “discriminatory” because some religious and age groups cannot afford the vaccine and said it should be a “confidential right” and that people should be able to make their own choices and do their own homework. “

A spokesman for the Nine told the Associated Press that “the health and safety of our people and the continuity of operations are behind the new vaccination policy.”

“We are also working to implement procedures in our workplaces to ensure that we are working within the relevant health regulations to ensure that vaccine status is positively confirmed for all visitors to our sites across the country from December 1,” the spokesperson said.

Rehn spoke to David Penburthy and Will Goodings at FIVEa’s breakfast and hoped to return to the Tredria desk.

It came at a time when the hosts were hoping that Tredia would “come to her senses and be beaten”.

“It was a wonderful day for sure,” Rehn said.

“Some of Warren’s friends I consider very close and a great person to work with. I hope he will be there.

“As far as I know he’s on vacation now, he’ll be gone anyway soon. I hope we see him back. He’s an A-grade guy, a great guy to work with and a great team player.”

Originally published AFL legend Warren Tredria takes leave on Channel 9 news about the vaccine policy


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