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The Bruges Group took to Twitter to criticize Olaf Scholz, the Chancellor of Germany, for his plan. They tweeted: “The agenda for abolishing the sovereignty of the new German government further justifies our decision to leave the European Union.

“It will probably also go down like a cup of cold sick in Central Europe…”

Mr Scholz spoke about the pursuit of a German federation at the ongoing conference on the future of Europe.

He said: “A sovereign Europe is the key to our foreign policy.

“As economically strong and the most populous country in the heart of Europe, our mission is to enable, nurture and promote a sovereign Europe.”

The Social Democrats, Greens and the liberal FDP in Germany all agree that a coalition between the parties would push for a full-fledged European federation.

Nicola Beer, who co-negotiated the Europe portion of the coalition agreement for the FDP, said: “Everyone who has joined the club has subscribed to abide by the club’s rules, and this certainly includes the independence of the judiciary.”

But Twitter users were divided over Scholz’s calls for depriving the country of its sovereignty.

@Monty3812 said: “A little rich Germany is wagging his tail at Poland about the rule of law.

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“I seem to remember all the Europhiles saying this would never happen, just like Clegg said the idea of ​​an EU army was a dangerous fantasy, which turned out to be true.”

@TupnceworthUK tweeted: “If you read the article, the only concrete reforms are MEPs’ ability to table bills and more qualified majority in Council.

“Both are basically democratic reforms, I think.

“The federalization agenda just seems ambitious.”

Adam Wolf tweeted: “A federation…

“So they want the EU to dictate everything from Brussels and essentially dissolve the countries.

“Power hungry a**s.”

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Germany news: Scholz plan to 'strip' country 'of sovereignty' shows 'Brexit is right' | Politics | News 2

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