Anthony Edwards: The Timberwolves Guard adds to the incredible 2021-22 highlight package

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In the Minnesota Timberwolves’ 113-101 win over the Miami Heat, Anthony Edwards added to the list of wild plays of the 2021-22 season to try to present a potential candidate for the Dunk of the Year.

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The No. 1 overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft expanded and rose to prominence before being thrown down in Gabe Vincent’s charge attempt.

Unfortunately for Edwards, officials called the offense a foul, meaning Dunk was not technically counted, but the highlight survives.

“If I’m refereing that game and you’re drowning someone like that, I’m not going to be charged,” Edwards said. Through Athletic’s John Krauzinski. “And at home?” I’m not calling for a charge. “

Edwards had a monster night, recording a game-high 33 points as he filled the stat sheet with 14 rebounds, six assists and three steels in 6-of-15 shooting from the arc cross.

During his rookie season, where he averaged 19.3 points, 4.7 rebounds and 2.9 assists which helped him to finish second in the Rookie of the Year voting, Edwards gave us many highlights last season and Probably the sting of the year too.

While he’s exciting to watch, the 20-year-old has clearly made progress this season and improved on other aspects of the game.

In the first four weeks of the season, he has already bounced back for his career-high 48 points against the Warriors and shown his hoops. Defensive end with this block.

Top 5 plays of Anthony Edwards season so far

1. We just talked about it!

2. Check out the hang time in this recent dunk

3. His active hands pull him out of the curry, then he ends the alley-op in transition

4. Like I said, it’s no longer just a sting. Edwards Handles is also making highlight packages this season.

5. Two hand hammer

Of course, there’s more to come, so stay tuned to this page for the latest highlight-reel-worthy AdWords plays.

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Anthony Edwards: The Timberwolves Guard adds to the incredible 2021-22 highlight package 3

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