Aaron Judge the Right Player to End New York Yankees Facial Hair Policy

The New York Yankees tend to stand out on the diamond because of one specific rule – facial hair is not allowed. While growing a mustache is perfectly acceptable, beards, long hair and, like C. Montgomery Burns infamous reminded of Don Mattingly, sideburns, are not allowed. The concept of a player with a beard on the Yankees is almost laughable.

But the times, they are changing. Aaron Judge having a beard this off-season shows why it’s time to change this policy.

Time for New York Yankees to end archaic rule

The facial hair policy was in place to maintain a professional look for the franchise. Not only were the Yankees expected to win, but they were also expected to look, play and act on the diamond with respect. The Yankees had a standard to uphold not only in the standings, but also on the diamond.

It is also a policy of a bygone era. The facial hair policy was introduced in response to the changing fashions of the 1960s and 1970s, when facial hair came back into fashion and hair became longer than before. It’s also an archaic rule that needs to be changed.

That doesn’t mean players on the Yankees will look like Johnny Damon in his Captain Caveman days. You could imagine there would be some beard length limitations to maintain that professional image.

Changing those policies could also make a difference in freedom of action. Some players may bypass the road to New York simply because they don’t want to shave, as their facial hair is part of their personality as a player. Because the Yankees suddenly find that they need more and more help on the roster, any changes can help.

The judge is the right player to change that rule. The Yankees want him to stay with the franchise for the rest of his career, a talk that could take place this off-season as he moves to a free agency next year. Allowing him to keep the beard can be an added bonus to signing an extension.

The New York Yankees have had a policy of banning facial hair since George Steinbrenner took over. It’s time for this archaic rule to end.

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Aaron Judge the Right Player to End New York Yankees Facial Hair Policy 2

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