Your drunk ass can get a free ride home tonight at Skanksgiving

Swallow Swallow.  - Theo Welling

  • swallow swallow.

Tonight is Thanksgiving Eve, which means tonight is the biggest bar night of the year. The unofficial term for this holiday is “Skanksgiving” and it usually involves visiting small bars in your own town and seeing everyone from high school and rating them and maybe joining randos. Ah, good times.

If you’re drinking a lot tonight, you probably need to arrange something to get home safely. That’s where Major Brands comes in.

Every year, the company gives thousands of free rides home to people who have nothing to do with being behind the wheel of a car. The generosity of the Missouri company feels extra important this year as there will be a lot of drinkers tonight who will be unsure of their limits after spending so much time away from the bars during the pandemic.

Jim Beam and Major Brands are giving 10,000 people a $25 Lyft credit tonight so everyone can get to the Thanksgiving Day table tomorrow.

If you’d like to get involved, here are the details straight from the company:

“To access the ride credit ($25) for a safe ride home on Thanksgiving Eve, visit Major Brands’ website, facebook and Instagram channels November 22 to 24. The codes can be redeemed for statewide customers in St. Louis, Kansas City, Columbia, and Springfield through the Lyft app during the hours of 4 p.m. (Nov. 24) and 2 a.m. (Nov. 25). A link to download the app can be found at Quantities are limited.

As part of the ‘Tis the Season of Safe Home’ campaign for social responsibility and with the support of supplier partners Beam Suntory, Pernod Ricard and Constellation, Major Brands will also be offering free rides home on Saturday, December 18, one of the biggest evenings for 2021 holiday parties and New Year’s Eve, December 31. Those free ride home codes are again offered through Lyft and can be redeemed the week before the scheduled date. A total of 10,000 free rides throughout Missouri will be offered during the 2021 holiday period.

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Your drunk ass can get a free ride home tonight at Skanksgiving 3

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