We will not give up the search for William: Webb | Fairfield City Champion

As police spend an eleventh day combing the NSW in the middle of the north coast for the remains of missing boy William Tyrrell, the incoming police commissioner says no stone will be left unturned to solve the case.

Deputy Commissioner Karen Webb, who was named the next Police Commissioner on Wednesday, says she is confident there will be a result, but it will take time.

“It has been a long arduous search and it is clear that the weather conditions there are unfavorable at the moment, but the police will pursue that anyway,” Ms Webb told radio 2GB in Sydney on Thursday.

“Not a stone is turned,” she said.

“It’s been seven years now and that’s a long time, but we’re not going to give up.”

Three-year-old William disappeared from his foster grandmother’s home in Kendall seven years ago, where the police have searched intensively, as well as nearby bushland, as the rain and storms continue.

On Wednesday, police divers arrived to assist with the search and inspected a septic tank and a water tank on the Kendall property, she said.

Police are also searching bushland a mile from where the boy was last seen, as continued rain is making conditions difficult.

“I am confident that this team will continue to pursue this until we have a result,” said Ms Webb.

“We have to find William and fix this.”

More than 15 tons of soil have been taken to a lab for analysis, but Ms Webb said she was unaware of the DNA detection.

“There has been miles and miles of material and a lot of exhibits that will be explored, but that takes time.

The search is expected to continue for at least four weeks.

“We’ve got our best detectives there,” she said.

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We will not give up the search for William: Webb | Fairfield City Champion 2

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