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If there’s one thing we preach, it’s that there are some absolute gems in the drugstore aisle. Seriously, some of our favorite formulas come from the drugstore, and it seems the same is true for Jennifer Anniston. Yup, DE Jennifer uses a drugstore hairbrush to comb through her iconic locks, and we’ve been using it for years too! Meet The Wet Brush Flex Dry, $14, which allows you to easily brush through your hair with minimal effort and less breakage, while helping to speed up hair drying time. Here’s everything you need to know about the drugstore hair tool.

In this recent video, Jennifer took to Instagram to share her hair care routine with two products from her new hair care line, Lolavie: the Perfecting Leave-In, $29, and the Shiny Detangler, $25.

Wet Hair Brush Source: Wet Brush

But we’ll be real, what caught our eye was the $14 Wet Brush we used! And we’re not surprised that Jenny loves it too; it has flexible and heat-resistant InteliFlex bristles, plus an open-vent design for faster drying time. Thanks to its flexible bristles, it literally bends to the shape of your scalp to stroke through wet hair in seconds without tugging or pulling on your locks, minimizing breakage. The ergonomically designed curved handle also ensures that the brush sits comfortably in your hands for maximum control as you comb through any knots after washing. If you usually blow-dry your locks, this brush will also be a very good helping hand. The open ventilation design in combination with the resistant Heatflex™ technology cuts the drying time in half.

Hairbrush tip: Avoid brushing directly from scalp to tip as this can be extremely damaging as it pulls and pulls on all the knots, causing tension and damage from the midsection of the hair, increasing the possibility of frizz and brittle ends. Instead, start brushing from the tips of your hair, moving higher with each stroke. Finish by going all the way through your hair, from scalp to tip. We also recommend detangling before washing your hair, as the hair becomes weaker when wet.

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