Two injured after pigs storm Yorkshire course and attack golfers

The big pigs dug up the green and attacked the golfers in their frenzy (Photo: PA)

Two pigs terrorized golfers after they stormed into a course.

The large animals stormed the green at Lightcliffe Golf Club in Calderdale, West Yorkshire.

Two people had to be treated in hospital after being attacked by the raging boars.

Club professional David Mckidd, 40, said the two black pigs were first spotted on the track on Sunday.

On that occasion, they knocked over bags full of expensive gear and injured a golfer with cuts to his leg.

The pigs left the scene, but were back on Tuesday for more.

A golf club employee tried to get them off the course but was attacked for his efforts.

The threat pigs have now been detained after they forced the club to close (Picture: PA)

Both injured suffered minor leg injuries and were taken to hospital for treatment to prevent tetanus.

The pigs also damaged one of the greens by digging small holes in the carefully tended grass.

Police caught the four-legged culprits on Knowle Top Road yesterday.

The club was forced to close last night due to security measures, but has since reopened.

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