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Layering fragrance is an art, an art that we are committed to perfecting and, of course, bringing to the world… Or at least your beauty routine. If you’re new to the concept of scent layering, it’s a Middle Eastern tradition where multiple scents are combined to create your own unique scent. Scent layers are at the heart of KAYALI fragrances and we love layering them to combine scents that represent our mood.

Today is KAYALI’s third birthday, so to celebrate, we wanted to put together the ultimate guide to layered scent like a pro, AKA like our perfume princess and founder of KAYALI, Mona Kattan. She’s literally the queen of layered scents, so as you’d expect, she always smells divine just like everyone around her! Seriously, wherever she goes, she brings this intoxicating scent that will always leave you guessing. Here’s how to layer your perfume, plus her top tips:

Fragrance layers 101


We’ll get straight to the point: the secret to stacking scents is to stack scents in order of intensity. The base should be an intense fragrance, followed by a touch of perfume with lighter notes. For example, a base note of oud would complement a middle note of rose embellished with a top note of jasmine.

If you are a beginner in layering, we recommend staying within these fragrance families: floral, warm and sweet gourmand, fresh and citrus notes. While scents like vanilla, musk, and most citrus scents blend and blend nicely, you should look for scents that contain these notes.


In general, remember:

  • Complex, intense scents combined with lighter notes, create the most dreamy scents
  • Always spray in order of intensity, with the most intense scent first.

The easiest way to wear layers

The art of layering can be a bit hit and miss if you’re a novice. The reality is that sometimes two scents combined can create the most amazing scent, and other times it can be a little overpowering or too sweet. And since it’s no secret that perfume can be expensive, the prospect of wasting fragrance on anything other than one that sends you to fragrance heaven can feel like a waste. That’s why we created our KAYALI double-ended rollerballs because it’s THE easiest way to practice and perfect the art of layering. Plus, you can layer with it when you’re on the go.

Kayali Rollerball

Each double ended rollerball has two different 5ml scents, which are composed because the two unique scents smell so wonderful when combined. You can wear each scent individually or put them together depending on your mood. It’s also a great way to try new perfumes without having to buy expensive bottles, while also getting to grips with layered perfume.

KAYALI Rollerballs:

Kayali Rollerball

Vanilla | 28 & Musk | 12 Eau De Parfum Rollerball, $25: One side of the rollerball is loaded with VANILLA | 28, a warm and sweet gourmand fragrance with notes of musk, amber and patchouli, and on the other hand MUSK | 12, a potent concoction with stunning notes of lotus flower, freesia and pure jasmine. Combine the two together and you get a warm, enveloping scent that is lush and mysterious.

Perfect for: Winter romp in the snow or a movie night with your bestie.

Invite only Amber | 23 & Deja Vu White Flower | 57 Intense Rollerball Eau De Parfum, $25: On the one hand you have the intoxicating amber scent that is rich, warm and powerful, and on the other hand the most dreamy white floral scent. When combined, they create the most uplifting, addictive scent that is oh so sexy.

Perfect for: Date night with your boo or whenever you want to dominate the boardroom.

Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper | 25 & Utopia Vanilla Coco | 21 Eau De Parfum Intense Rollerball, $25: If you like sweet yet spicy scents, you will fall in love with this rollerball. First up is the energetic Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper, followed by the creamy holiday scent of Utopia Vanilla Coco |21. Together they create the most dreamy scent that is also spicy.

Perfect for: Sunday brunch with the girls or a hot summer day at the beach.

Let us know if you’ve ever had layered scents, and if so, what’s your favorite combination! Watch Huda and Mona talk about layered scents here and their favorite ways to stack scents.

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