The Prime Minister’s unholy mistake on religious freedom should have been resolved earlier

Parliament is reminded of some unfinished business of personal freedom that should have been completed long ago.

Scott Morrison Promised In October 2018 it became difficult to protect gay and lesbian school students from discrimination but to keep promises.

Former Opposition Leader Bill Shorten And Prime Minister Scott Morrison Have Almost Agreed On An Agreement To Protect Gay Students.

Former opposition leader Bill Shorten and Prime Minister Scott Morrison have almost agreed on an agreement to protect gay students.Credit:Alex Ellinghausen

“I will take the initiative to modify as soon as possible to make it clear that no non-state school student should be expelled on the basis of gender,” he said.

The pledge was made Friday afternoon when Prime Minister Wentworth was fighting for the government’s survival in the by-elections, while conservative liberals insisted that religious schools were enough to expel gay students.

The then Labor leader Bill Shorten was on the brink of war Sydney Morning Herald And The Edge Revealed a leaked copy Of the secret government Review He called for the protection of people who are discriminated against on the basis of their faith.

The government struck just two months after Morrison took office, amid disagreements over religious freedom and gay rights. Liberals lost one of their political gems, Wentworth.

To prevent LGBTQI students from being expelled, Morrison and Shorten almost reached an agreement in Parliament – a significant symbolic and practical change to help young people at their weak point.

Both leaders said they were looking for a solution, but politics and policy have been hampered since the draft bill was tabled in parliament.

The first part of the bill removed the ability of schools to discriminate against students on the basis of sexual orientation. It amended the Gender Discrimination Act to exempt schools at this point.

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The Prime Minister's unholy mistake on religious freedom should have been resolved earlier 3

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