The framework agreement came to save the blood of the Sudanese

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Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok has confirmed that he has no hesitation in signing the framework agreement, as it would allow for the restoration of a civil democratic transformation agenda, noting that there is no absolute consensus, but allows for change and working together. For the benefit of the country, and to save the blood of the Sudanese.

In an interview with the Sudanese 24 channel, he said that an agreement had been reached to end the transitional period on a fixed date and to hand over power to the elected people who would receive the popular mandate in 2023. Dozens of individual and collective initiatives were agreed upon and the outcome of the talks came as soon as the agreement was reached, he said, referring to 30 people representing all political sectors (independence and change) last night. , Revolutionary movements, national figures and academics), all of whom participated in the agreement.

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He spoke in support of democratic elections, the National Constitutional Conference, elections, the continuation of economic reforms, the continuation of the Thamrat program, health care, education and infrastructure, the continuation of the peace process and the Abdulaziz Al-Hello and Abdul Wahid Noor movement, and in all parts of the country. Expanding security, creating healthy and safe environment for holding elections with regional and international. Monitoring

Hamdok said: “The framework agreement is the blood of the Sudanese and the benefits gained over the past two years and the peace agreement, which has come to a conclusion and addresses all the challenges, and is considered an extension of the Sudanese experience of transition.” Facing them is the implementation of the agreement, emphasizing the eagerness of the civilian and military component to keep the country from failing and slipping.
In support of this, the Sudanese Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement that Hamdok had ordered the security of the scheduled demonstration (today, Thursday) and ordered the start of the process for the release of all detainees.

Transfer of power

In return, the head of the sovereign council, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, told the Financial Times: “I will retire from politics and retire after the 2023 elections in Sudan.” According to an interview published by the American newspaper yesterday, Al. – Burhan announces his intention to retire from politics and military service after handing over power to his countrymen in the 2023 election.


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The framework agreement came to save the blood of the Sudanese 3

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