The city of Vincent is calling for help with the main sports infrastructure so that it can finance toilets and community halls.

The City of Vincent Meyer says lack of support from state and federal governments to maintain key infrastructure is reducing the ability to maintain basic amenities such as public toilets and community halls.

The council last week backed its asset management and sustainability strategy – a clear review of the condition of its facilities, including Beatty Park, Leaderville Oval, Littis Stadium and HBF Park, as well as smaller facilities.

The strategy acknowledges that the “demand for property renewal” exceeds the city’s resources.

Mayor Emma Cole said the strategy is open to the community that Vincent “does not yet have key facilities and much capacity to attract investment from other levels of government”.

Camera iconMayor Emma Cole, Vincent City is unable to pay for basic amenities due to the cost of maintaining large infrastructure such as Beatty Park Andrew Ritchie. Credit: Andrew Ritchie/Perth now

“We’ve kept it to ourselves in things like Beatty Park. But that reduces the filter and affects our ability to repair toilets, halls and everything else,” she said.

The council also voted to develop a short-term strategy to implement the property strategy.

Deputy Mayor Susan Gontajeski said it was important to “strike when the iron is hot” and understand the next step as soon as possible.

On its assets, the city’s community consultation found “little or no support for maintaining the status quo” and a majority view that “strong support was needed to advocate for state and federal government funding for major sports facilities.”

Ms Cole said the city of Parthenau’s vast portfolio includes six major regional and recreational sports facilities, 38 buildings, halls, pavilions and clubrooms, as well as 47 playgrounds, 106.4 hectares of park and garden and hundreds of kilometers of roads and sidewalks.

“Maintaining these large assets comes at an economic cost and ultimately our challenge is to strike the right balance between maintaining our current asset portfolio, meeting the changing needs of the community and working within our medium,” she said.

“We consulted with our community … and the top four priorities were first advocating for state and federal governments to support our regional facilities, second to encourage more co-location and sharing of facilities between clubs and community groups, then less performing assets.” Moderate increase in removal and rates.

Perth MLA and former Vincent Mayor John Kerry said he had made “fundraising commitments to improve public amenities” in his seat.

“Funds will go to various projects, including a new skate park at Mount Heather, new netball courts at Robertson Park and new basketball courts at Birdwood Square,” Mr Kerry said.

A spokesman for Federal Sports Minister Richard Kolbeck said the government had a “glorious history” of providing support for infrastructure projects.

“Locally, these programs have provided funding to upgrade the Changeroom at the Loftus Recreation Center and to upgrade the women’s Changeroom at the Charles Varyyard Pavilion,” he said.

“In addition, परिषद 1.5 billion is committed to help local councils provide community infrastructure projects, including priority local road and sports facilities.

“Since the program began in 2020, the city of Vincent has been allocated $ 1.14 million for projects such as lighting the Britannia Reserve, repairing the Heritage Grandstand at Beatty Park, and replacing the filtration system in the Beatty Park leisure center’s indoor pool.”


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The city of Vincent is calling for help with the main sports infrastructure so that it can finance toilets and community halls. 3

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