What happened to Stacey Pentland on TikTok? Death and death details

Newcastle resident Stacey Pentland has died after a long battle with cancer of the lymphoma.

News of her demise was confirmed via her TikTok account that she passed away at 20:00 this afternoon. Video 18 was posted.th November.

Following on the platform with 200k followers, Stacey Pentland started using Tiktak from April 2020. She shared details of her illness and provided constant awareness through her short videos.

The body of the deceased is yet to be made public. Her family has demanded privacy during this difficult time.

Meanwhile, Kovid-19 has also played a big role in his death. It was Pentland Contracted In January 2021 with a virus that caused her cancer to spread faster than normal.

Her TikTok account has received 5.5 million likes so far. Her last appearance is back at 15th November where she talked about making breakfast and crawling up the stairs.


Meet Stacey Pentland husband and children

Stacey’s husband Anthony and four children survived.

The Pentland family is grieving the loss of their beloved wife / mother, Stacey.

Anthony, whose personal details are yet to come in the media, gave birth to 4 children with his wife Stacey.

They were blessed with 3 daughters Chloe, Sophie and Jordi and a son named AJ.

Stacey, who was diagnosed with cancer, expressed concern about the cost of her family’s death. She relied on the benefits of chemotherapy treatment.

Talking about his treatment in January, he revealed that he wanted chemotherapy treatment for his children because he wanted to spend more time with them.

Her death has left a void in the Pentland family.


Stacey Pentland at TikTok

Stacey Pentland can be found at Tiktok stacey352

He had a total of 200,000 followers. There is an inspiring quote in her biography where she was lucky to never give up and survive.

She also made a wish list.


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