Our Decision on Mario Golf: Super Rush Version 4.0 Update – The Last New Characters, Courses and Modes

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When Mario Golf: Super Rush Launched it was fun but a bit ‘b-tier’, like We have argued in our review. While it still doesn’t match the quality set by some other first-party titles on the Switch, three major updates Is Content on offer greatly enhanced. Online gaming has improved a lot, and there are many new courses and modes to meat out the experience.

Version 4.0 is the latest and greatest of these major updates, And still makes very strong additions that add fun and variety. We’re trying new stuff and, once again, it adds more positive to the development of this switch entry in the chain.

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Let’s focus on the new characters first Wrap the roster.

New 4.0 characters – Wiggler and Shy Guy

First we have Wiggler, Taking great shots and rumbling together, seems to knock out opponents. It also gets irritating for some shots, which is a fun look and adds extra to the character Omph – If everyone else is in this big character category, with the advantage of good stamina in many running modes.

Shy Boy
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Shy boy Is a medium / small all-rounder, though similar in character Very attractive It is worth trying them. Very precise and uniform in its statistics, its special dash is also very interesting as it glides above the ground when zoomed. This can be useful in courses like Spikey Palms to cross rivers as a shortcut.

As a final addition to the roster, they are welcome, and everyone said that there is now a good variety of Super Mario cast available. While Mii characters who have gone through ‘adventure’ and are kept up to level, will remain the best options, there are now many standard characters to choose from in the exclusion modes.

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New 4.0 courses – Shelltop Sanctuary and All-Star Summit

Next there are two fresh courses, and happily stack them up as the best in the game.

Starts from Sheltop Sanctuary. This is another par-3-only course, rather like Previous update added New Donke town. However it does not recreate the equivalent floating islands Mario Golf: World Tour, It has the same vibe and challenges players to be precise and accurate. The ‘Amateur’ version is challenging but possible, while the ‘Pro’ version will test strong players.

This is a nice addition and plays well in one-on, one-put mode which we will cover more.

Shell Course
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Finally we have All-Star Summit, One of our favorites in many ‘final’ courses and instant games. We’ve criticized in the past that this game lacks creativity in many of the courses and settings, and it goes some way to resolving it. Each hole and area is designed to match iconic Super Mario characters, with clever use of each terrain to create similarities, including breaking blocks and more.

This is a course where strategy is needed, there are A lot Dangers due to bunkers and deeply built character features; This is especially true in some long crosses. Some greens are also small bunkers for the eyes, for example, so depending on your point of view you may need to play chips instead of putts. It feels more fun than gimmicky, and of course looks great, any quirks feel like stronger than weakness. The music is also excellent.

Both courses are good ‘on’ in our approach, and the game has been a diverse and entertaining batch.

One Winner Is You
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New 4.0 modes – one-on, one-put and target golf

Additionally two new modes take the game out.

Let’s talk first One-on, one-put. It is only available in the Solo Challenge area with amateur (and unlocked Pro) versions of the new Donk City and Sheltop Sanctuary. As the name implies Rather well, You have to get on the green in one hit (fringe doesn’t count) and then dip one put in one; If you get a hole-in-one the game clears you up but gets confused and says ‘good put!’, Jokingly.

You must cross all 18 holes but continue 10, which Voices Likes a lot but if you come unstuck in a particular hole they can disappear quickly. We’ve already said that the new Donke town is fun but has some ‘rough’ holes, so getting out of this mode will be a test of patience. Sheltop Sanctuary, on the other hand, seems to have been designed with this mode in mind and works well.

Everyone said it was a good addition, and unlocking pro and ‘special’ difficulty would be a good challenge for skilled players.

Guide Target Image
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Finally we have Target golf, Which can be played as a single challenge variation but against AI, local or online opponents in general. This is a great addition as it seems like it can be entertaining for everyone – players take turns, there are no big disruptive specialties or running between holes and this gives color options for standard courses. This stadium takes place in three variants of the arena, of increasing difficulty, each attractive in its own way.

It’s all about accuracy and small tactics, as you can choose one of three ‘rings’ to target your score based on how close you are to the center. The ring segment you hit disappears, so 5-shot round strategies will change as fewer scoring areas become available. Double digits and slow ‘special’ areas in the final round can put everyone at risk, although special areas appear consistently when playing AI. Later Our turn in the fourth round, a little anger and a little inappropriate!

So, does Mario Golf: Super Rush stand out after its update?

Nintendo and Camelot deserve credit for sticking to the updated roadmap, providing three significant enhancements to the content in terms of character, course and modes. There must have been some projection, we argue, but the game is now fully featured and has great variety.

The basics of the game – especially in terms of presentation – remain the same, with the exception of recent course soundtracks, visual and audio still feel a bit ‘b-tier’. Although there is a lot of stuff right now, so anyone who is fresh or first time after lunch will have a lot to do. Whether playing alone or with friends, the choice now is for all types of players to enjoy their time with the game.

Keeping in mind the updates have been made free and a lot has been added, thanks to all those involved. Mario Golf: Super Rush is still not the top tier of switch games, but it’s one now. Very good Options for series enthusiasts or those looking for a different multiplayer experience on the system.

Final Image
Image: Nintendo / Nintendo Life

Let us know what you think of Mario Golf: Super Rush, after its major updates, in the comments!

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