Hawkeye Introduces a Major Marvel Character

Do you feel that?

hawkeye’s November 23 episode two introduced a new character that made fans’ hearts beat faster – and made viewers watch that last scene repeatedly. In ‘Hide and Seek’, Clint, aka Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), helps Kate (Hailee Steinfeld) cut loose from the tracksuit mafia and a true murder mystery.

A certain person has ordered the gang members to bring Hawkeye to her. They take him to a warehouse and Kate tries to save him. Things don’t go as planned and they both get stuck in the building. Loud, pounding music and a red light creep eerily out of a corner, where a woman is listening to music on a speaker. She feels the vibrations of the bass and only stares at the gang member when they tell her about their conquest. Here’s our introduction to the show’s newest character, Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox), also known as the superhero Echo.

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Hawkeye Introduces a Major Marvel Character 2

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