Europe has become the epicenter of the Corona

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World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Gebrias said on Wednesday that Europe had returned to the epicenter of the Kovid-19 epidemic amid a “false sense of security” about vaccine protection.

WHO officials have warned that the corona virus could continue to spread as societies return to social mixing and movement at the end of the year, which was normal before the epidemic.

Tedros indicated at a press conference that more than 60 percent of all deaths from Covid-19 last week were in Europe.

“In many countries and societies, we are concerned about the misconception that vaccines protect against epidemics, and that those who receive them need to take no further precautions,” he said.

WHO officials stressed the need for vaccinations, the use of masks and social distance to prevent infection.

“We are returning to the pre-epidemic level of social mix (in Europe) … in the midst of a sharp rise in cases and even in some of these countries where health systems are under great pressure,” said Mike Ryan, WHO’s emergency director. .

And he continued, saying: “In fact, the virus will spread rapidly in those atmospheres.”

Tedros expressed hope that more than 100 countries could agree at next week’s WTO ministerial meeting to waive intellectual property rights for vaccines to prevent COVID-19, which has already been endorsed.


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Europe has become the epicenter of the Corona 2

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